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Easy online workouts you can do at home

These fitness coaches show you how to keep fit without going to the gym.

Winny Wint Htae

Published: 8 April 2020, 8:55 AM

Since the start of the circuit breaker period yesterday, Singaporeans have been urged to stay home to minimise social interactions in public. From Apr 7 to May 4, sports and recreation facilities, such as public swimming pools, gyms and fitness studios, will be closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

While exercising at public parks is acceptable, here are some online workouts you can try at home if you prefer to stay fit indoors.

1. Challenge yourself with Chloe Ting’s workout challenges 

Australia-based fitness coach Chloe Ting uploads home workout videos on her YouTube channel regularly for her four million subscribers.

She is well-known for creating home workout programmes that are easy to follow. She also provides videos for every workout routine she posts.

Check out her website to choose from a variety of free workout programmes.

Chloe offers a variety of workout challenges that target specific areas of your body. Photo Credit: Screenshot from Chloe Ting’s website

Workout level: Beginner
Recommended for: People who want to challenge themselves to exercise consistently

2. Get Fit with Georgina Poh 

23-year-old Singaporean fitness trainer Georgina Poh is known for her simple workout routines on Instagram and realistic diet plans.

You can also find free workout programmes on her blog, where she posts everything you need to know about your fitness journey such as health tips and diet plans.

Her blog is perfect for beginners who are just looking to stay moving while staying home.

Georgina teaches viewers how to hold a position properly when working out. Photo Credit: Screenshot from Georgina Poh’s Instagram

Workout level: Beginner
Recommended for: People who want to start on their fitness journey and are looking for simple workouts

3. Buff up with Brian Ho 

If you are thinking of bulking up during this period, 20-year-old fitness coach Brain Ho’s workouts are perfect for you.

His Instagram page is filled with simple home workouts that do not require equipment – all you need is determination and discipline!

He also posts fitness tips on his YouTube channel, such as correcting your form for different types of workouts.

Even if you have never worked out your muscles, Brian offers beginner tutorials for you to get started. Try them out and you might come out from this pandemic looking shredded.

An example of Brian Ho’s muscle-building workouts. Photo Credit: Screenshot from Brian Ho’s Instagram

Workout level: Beginner to Intermediate
Recommended for: People who want to continue building muscles even without going to the gym

4. Sweat it out with Tyen Rasif 

Tyen Rasif is a 25-year-old Singaporean personal trainer and bodybuilder who has won many bodybuilding competitions.

The Clicknetwork host shares useful fitness tips, such as ways to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, on her show, ‘No Sweat’.

She also offers customised programmes and one-on-one online training on her own fitness app of the same name.

If you want to try her workout programmes, Tyen is currently offering a special discount for her workout plans in the No Sweat App. Photo Credit: Screenshot from Tyen Rasif’s Instagram

Workout level: Beginner to Advanced
Recommended for: Anyone looking for customised workout programmes with a personal online fitness coach

5. Motivate yourself with Massy Arias 

Based in Los Angeles, 30-year-old celebrity fitness trainer Massy Arias she offers easy home-based workouts on her Instagram while posting about her life as a mother.

Fitness junkies can consider trying her popular MA Warrior Challenge on her website. Her workouts are a great way for you to challenge yourself while staying home.

Massy Arias demonstrates a position from an upper body workout programme. Photo Credit: Screenshot from Massy Arias’ Instagram

Workout level: Advanced
Recommended for: People who want to try out new workout routines that will test your limits.

With so many popular fitness trainers offering online workouts for everyone to do at home, there is no excuse to stop exercising just because your gyms and fitness studios are closed.

Most importantly, take some time to get used to these indoor workouts, especially if you have not exercised in a while. Stay safe and healthy!

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