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Disney+ vs Netflix: Which is better?

Youths with Disney+ and Netflix subscriptions compare the two streaming platforms and share their opinions on which they prefer.

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 7 April 2021, 12:34 PM

With many popular Marvel, Pixar and Disney movies removed from Netflix as though Thanos snapped his fingers because of the launch of Disney+ in Singapore, the only way for many to catch their beloved films was to subscribe to Disney’s streaming service. 

Of course, with series such as WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier only shown on Disney+, it only served to encourage Marvel fans to sign up for it. 

However, those with Netflix accounts may not see the need for Disney+. Is it really worth getting another streaming subscription when you already have one?

If you haven’t decided which of Netflix or Disney+ to go with, fret not. We asked youths with both Netflix and Disney+ accounts to share their opinions and compare the streaming platforms, to help ease your decision making.

Netflix has better variety of shows

It’s no surprise that all the youths interviewed unanimously agreed that Netflix was the clear winner in terms of range.

Other than having various genres from rom-coms to documentaries, Netflix also offers movies and shows from different countries.

“Netflix has been making well-received Netflix originals for a long time which is an added value. They also have shows from other countries like Thailand, Japan, Korea and even Singapore!” 19-year-old Jovan remarked.

As an anime fan, Jovan is glad that he can watch his favourite anime, Fire Force, with English subtitles in high quality.


Netflix includes many diverse shows that you can even find Singapore classics such as The Little Nyonya and I Not Stupid. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM NETFLIX


Some Netflix originals like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Money Heist further strengthen Netflix’s attraction to viewers through producing good movies and shows that are also diverse in different languages.

Meanwhile, Disney+ is restricted to the associated channels they own which are predominantly Western media — Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star.

While they do have shows for different ages across different genres such as musicals, animated shorts and animal documentaries, it may not be as appealing to those who prefer shows not restricted to Disney owned franchises.


Other than having previously released movies, Disney+ includes new shows that cannot be watched in cinemas to entice viewers. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM DISNEY+


Toh Cheng Yee, 20, said: “Most people probably wouldn’t want Disney+ if they already have Netflix. But, Disney and Marvel lovers like me will opt to get Disney+. My childhood was based around Disney and when Ratatouille was removed from Netflix, I knew I had to get Disney+.”

Because she is an avid Marvel stan, Cheng Yee wanted Disney+ to rewatch all her favourite Marvel movies after they were removed from Netflix.

Disney+ has better design while Netflix is more accessible

When it comes to UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), most find that Disney+ wins in design layout, while Netflix is much more user friendly and easier to navigate.

User interface and user experience is determined by the design aesthetics, and interaction and experience users have using the product respectively. What users feel when interacting with a product can directly affect their view on it overall.

Ryan Otero, 19, shared: “The landing page for Disney+ allows users to be exposed to more shows they haven’t watched yet and shows the various show producers like Marvel and National Geographic at the top for better categorisation.”


Disney+ has their six franchises split into different categories at the home screen for easier browsing if viewers want to watch a specific franchise. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM DISNEY+


“Disney+ gives off a more magical feeling! Disney and Marvel characters are way more iconic in my opinion. And you can easily customise caption settings mid-show to a font or colour you prefer,” Cheng Yee added.


While viewers can easily adjust the look of subtitles on Disney+ while watching a show, you can’t directly change caption settings on Netflix. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM DISNEY+


On the other hand, some youths realised that Disney+ wasn’t as user friendly as Netflix is.

“Disney+ is not optimised for TV usage and is not intuitive. Netflix has arrows to skip or forward scenes, but Disney+ has no forward button or preview pop-ups when scrolling through the video progress bar. It can get annoying to navigate through shows there. Disney+ also takes so long to load.” Jovan exclaimed.

Randeep Singh, 21, also faced problems with Disney+. He said: “Sometimes, the Disney+ app logs me out or just doesn’t launch.”

While this could be because Disney+ is still a relatively new streaming platform that has not gone through as much testing and updates as Netflix had, it is clear that Netflix has set the bar for positive user experience.


Netflix even adapts your thumbnails of each show according to your viewing choices by what they think will entice you to click on it to watch. PHOTO CREDIT: VOX


“Netflix’s services are not complicated. My dad is 50 and he knows how to navigate and use it. Also, it’s easily accessible and I can download shows to watch in HD without Wi-Fi or data!” Cheng Yee added.

Final verdict

While both streaming platforms have pros and cons, these youths do not regret purchasing both subscriptions despite Netflix seeming like the better option.

Jovan said: “I honestly have no preference. Disney+ has quality and good cinematography in their shows. I use it to watch WandaVision and it is captivating. I’m rewatching TV shows I liked such as Fresh Off the Boat, and am planning to watch the musicals they have available there soon.

“But I watch Netflix for its variety of shows. Anime lovers will probably prefer Netflix, but Marvel and Disney fans would opt for Disney+.”

Although Randeep recently purchased a Disney+ subscription, he still uses Netflix to watch videos more often. 

“I’ve been loyal to Netflix for the past two years and have watched some of my favourite shows there. However, I’ve already added quite a few shows to my Disney+ watchlist and am planning to watch them soon,” he said. 

Cheng Yee also chipped in: “Netflix doesn’t constrict you to just English movies. I can watch my k-dramas there, and they constantly update their shows so you never run out of things to watch. However, I still will buy Disney+ in the end. I can have a Marvel movie marathon and will never get sick of them. In fact, I’m using Disney+ more often than Netflix right now!”

As someone who relishes his good childhood memories, Ryan remarked: “Right now, I use Disney+ more often. I still prefer Netflix but will return to Disney+ for the nostalgia.”

Ultimately, it all boils down to personal preference. Huge fans of the Disney franchise may find Disney+ worth it as they then gain access to every single show released along with additional shorts or series’ they can’t find elsewhere.

Meanwhile, others may prefer Netflix as it isn’t as limited as Disney+.

Because both Netflix and Disney+ offers family subscriptions where you can share cost with others, Cheng Yee finds it worthwhile and not as pricey even when purchasing both, considering the number of shows you can watch.

“Netflix gave me so many good shows and movies to watch which I loved and bonded with my friends over. But my childhood was based around Disney. As long as I don’t need to pay more to watch shows in a cinema and can instead watch in the comforts of my own home, I’m satisfied!”

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