Disney+ announces original hybrid competition series ‘The Quest’, streaming from May 11

The hybrid series features eight teen contestants competing against scripted mythological characters in a bid to save the fictional realm, Evermore.

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Published: 8 April 2022, 12:52 PM

In a crossover between fantasy and reality TV, eight real teens find themselves faced with the quest of a lifetime: to vanquish an evil Sorceress that has overtaken the fictional realm, Evermore.

On Apr 2, details of the new Disney+ hybrid reality series The Quest were announced

The premise of the show is based on the fictional realm, Evermore, a land of magic and unrivalled beauty, that has been threatened by an evil Sorceress. 

As a last resort, the noble Fates that live in the realm have enlisted the help of these eight teens from a world beyond to work together to fulfill an ancient prophecy and vanquish the Sorceress. As the series progresses, the journey of the teens (known as Paladins on the show) unfolds as they work together to save the realm.

Spanning across eight episodes, the Paladins are pushed to unlock their inner hero through a series of challenges that test their limits to restore balance back to Everealm.

They are immersed in a fantasy world come to life, complete with a castle, royals, ethereal fates and all forms of mythical creatures.


The producers of the series are behind Academy Award and Emmy winning shows such as The Amazing Race and Queer Eye. PHOTO CREDIT: DISNEY/ALLYSON RIGGS


“It’s an immersive, real-life hero’s journey for these eight normal teenagers, who transform before your very eyes. It’s an exciting new form of storytelling,” said Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky, executive producers of, Court Five.

The Quest is set to stream on Disney+ from May 11.

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