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Disney+ and National Geographic’s original series showcases Earth’s beauty without narration

The no-dialogue five-episode series will be streamed on Disney+ on Apr 16.

Naren Sankar

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Published: 25 March 2021, 11:39 AM

If you miss travelling to beautiful landscapes around the world, Disney+ will have you covered with the original series, Earth Moods, come Apr 16.

The series is from National Geographic, which is under Disney, and will feature drone footage of Earth with no dialogue at all. Instead, it will be paired with calming music.

Mountaintops covered in snow, clean beaches and big glaciers are some of the stunning landscapes which will appear in the programme.

The episodes are themed; each episode is likely to help calm one’s nerves with its representation of different moods.

The five episodes are: Frozen Calm, Night Lights, Tropical Serenity, Desert Solitude and Peaceful Patterns.

But it is not just natural landscapes that will be featured.

Earth Moods will also showcase the beauty of man-made objects such as city skylines at night and bird’s eye views of sports stadiums.

The original score for the project was composed by Neil Davidge, who created this original theme for the series meant to make viewers feel relaxed.

He hopes everyone will like the music and judging by the trailer, I am one of the people sold on the music.

As you await the series release on Apr 16, you could check out our list of five places to go in Singapore to de-stress as a prelude to all the picturesque landscapes that will be featured on the show!

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