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Digital Shilin Singapore will deliver festival food to your doorstep within two hours

There will be no need to queue for three hours this time around and you can just wait from the comfort of your own home.

Winny Wint Htae
Winny Wint Htae

Published: 12 June 2020, 9:53 PM

Shilin Singapore 2019 was no doubt a successful event, with event-goers seeing a huge crowd at the festival on both weekends. Some people even had to queue for three hours for a piece of fried chicken from Devil Evolution Chicken, a famous fried chicken brand from Taiwan.

This year, the festival is going online instead. Called Digital Shilin, it will still feature the same elements as the physical event but brings more convenience since everything will be held online. You can get your favourite Shilin food delivered to your doorstep – within two hours!

If you’re doubtful about the freshness of the food, fret not! There is an inventory cap within a certain time slot, with each stall having an optimal number of orders they can take every hour, to prevent a backlog of orders or delay in delivery.

Digital Shilin will feature over 100 food merchants that will have their online stores set up on the festival’s website. Some of the food merchants you can expect are Playmade, Golden Moments, Jiak by Jinfeng, Tai-Croissant, Chia Te Bakery (佳德糕餅) and Chen Yun Pao Chuan (陳允宝泉).

food-stalls-digital-shilin Sandwich shop Eggstop and Golden Moments, which sells durian products, are among the merchants featured at Digital Shilin. Photo Credit: Shilin Singapore

Simply scroll through the list of merchants, add your order and checkout via the Pickupp delivery platform and your food will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Digital Shilin also includes the shopping element of the physical festival, with close to 100 retail merchants setting up their digital stores.

Digital stores include jewellery shop Mirage Jewellery and perfume store Scent By Six. Photo Credit: Shilinsingapore’s Instagram

People can purchase products from the digital stores and checkout via Shopee. Their products will be delivered within one to three days which is more cost-effective than the same-day delivery function for food orders.

“We are in collaboration with Shopee for the Shop element. Every one of close to 100 retail merchants will have their digital stores. We are in collaboration with Pestle and Mortar for our exclusive event merchandise.

“When you click a digital store, you can browse the brand before you click the order now button. On the order now button, you will be directed to the Shopee page. That’s where you see a wide range of products,” explained Kent Teo, founder and CEO of Invade, the organisers of Digital Shilin.

Digital Shilin also features online performances by local artists. The performances will run for the whole time that the festival is open.

The Freshman will be interacting with fans on their live stream by answering some questions from them. Photo Credit: Shilinsingapore’s Instagram


The line-up includes Mandopop duo The Freshman and Marcus Lee who won the Singapore selections for Sing! China 2017.

The performances will be streamed on YouTube. Audiences will also be able to interact with the performers via the comments section of the livestream.

Digital Shilin will run over two weekends from Jun 12 to 14 and Jun 19 to 21, from 3pm to 11pm via the Shilin Singapore website. Check out the digital festival for an interesting online festival experience!


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