Demi World Tour 2015

Flawless vocals and inspirational messages, Demi Lovato showed Singapore that she was a force to be reckoned with.

Tan Li Wen

Published: 29 April 2015, 12:55 PM

Powerhouse vocals, a polished performance, inspiring monologues and a concert with a message – that’s what you get from Demi Lovato.

Lovatics chanted ‘Demi’ as they eagerly anticipated their idol on stage in the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on 28 April for her sold-out Demi World Tour concert.

After her introduction video, Demi made her appearance on stage, kicking things off with the upbeat number Really Don’t Care, as the audience danced and sang along.


The crowd went wild for their queen
Photo credits: AC Music Entertainment Pte Ltd


Demi went from a poppy dance number to edgier numbers such as The Middle and Remember December. The crowd went wild with lots of screaming as she moved into her hit single Heart Attack, and nostalgia kicked in when she sang a fresh rendition of her debut single Get Back. Her vocals were undeniably brilliant and the crowd looked upon her with adoration. It was a major throwback for fans like myself who had been there since the start of her career.


A highly energetic performance by Demi with lots of hairography
Photo credits: AC Music Entertainment Pte Ltd


Demi slowed things down with beautiful mash-up of Don’t Forget and Catch Me. It was an incredible experience witnessing her emotional side. With Don’t Forget being a song about a difficult heartbreak and Catch Me being one about falling for someone whom you know will hurt you, Demi’s pain was obvious and the audience could feel the emotion in every word she sang as she touched all the hearts in the room.

A memorable segment of the concert involved her rendition of Disney’s Frozen’s Let It Go. Demi invited two little girls on stage to sing the song with her, dubbing them as Elsa and Anna from the movie.


Let It Go with ‘Elsa and Anna’
Photo credits: AC Music Entertainment Pte Ltd


The atmosphere changed to be slightly more serious as Demi, who is known to be open about her difficult past of depression and eating disorders among other struggles, delivered an inspirational message to her audience.

“For anyone that’s out here tonight that’s going through something, just want you to know that you can get through it, no matter what it is, you can get through it. And then, you can tell people about your story.” Demi further encouraged her fans to share with others their story on overcoming their struggles so that others will be able to do the same thing and “pass it on”. These were the wise words spoken by Queen Demi before she transitioned into her song Warrior, which nicely put her message of staying strong into lyrics.

Demi also dedicated her song Nightingale to the victims of the Nepal crisis who had lost someone they loved in the tragedy, as well as to anyone in the audience who had a guardian angel up in heaven. Belting out this heartfelt ballad followed by Skyscraper, Demi showed off her strong vocal abilities and flawless runs, proving her true talent.


An emotional performance and more intimate performance
Photo credits: AC Music Entertainment Pte Ltd


Ending the concert with Give Your Heart a Break and with an encore of Neon Lights, Lovatics were pumped up and dancing, evidently having the time of their lives. The concert came to a close as Demi walked off the stage greeting her fans with a goodbye and a thank you.

It was indeed heartening to see how far Demi has come since her Disney days. She has grown into a strong woman and an insanely talented vocalist. She is one who manages to belt powerhouse ballads and challenging electropop numbers as well as show off her softer side with effortless falsettos and mellow acoustic numbers.

One thing’s for sure, Demi will continue to inspire dedicated Lovatics and “make the world a better place”.

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