Decipher clues, solve riddles at Science Centre Singapore’s STEM-themed escape rooms from Mar 31

Escape room enthusiasts can look forward to three concept rooms at Escape @ Science Centre from Thursdays to Sundays.

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Published: 29 March 2023, 12:39 PM

Science Centre Singapore’s latest attraction will merge popular escape room concepts with STEM-themed puzzles.

Opening on Friday (Mar 31), Escape @ Science Centre (E.S.C) is organised in collaboration with creator and entertainment company Gushcloud International and Singapore-based theatre company How Drama.

It will offer three concept rooms – Museum of Humankind, Shangri-La and Dr. X – challenging participants to complete challenges using critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a race against time.

Visitors can expect an extra-terrestrial experience at the Museum of Humankind, where human’s neglect of the planet resulted in it being taken over by aliens.

Participants will be tasked to escape the evil clutches of the Zarkians aliens by obtaining the Zearth plant, believed to have the ability to restart life on Earth.


Players can navigate their way through the room and solve the puzzles with the help of their mobile phones. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE SCIENCE CENTRE


At the Shangri-La escape room, participants have to escape from the mythical metaverse by overcoming physical obstacles, earthquakes and battle lasers, while learning more about technology and medicinal herbs.

Those looking for a more spine-tingling adventure can try out the Dr. X escape room, where they have to save a friend from the diabolical Dr. X, a misguided and failed academic. 

In an unconventional approach to STEM learning, this escape room is themed around psychology and a deeper understanding of human biology.

Melissa Sim, the co-artistic director of How Drama, said: “Science and the arts come together in these immersive worlds we have created for the players. 

“We developed tactile environments and incorporated stimulating puzzles. You won’t see any boring combination locks in our rooms, we wove it all together through intricate story-telling.”

E.S.C will be open every Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 10.30pm. Tickets are available online from $25 per pax, with a 10 per cent discount when purchasing three or more tickets for the same room and a 20 per cent discount for six or more tickets.

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