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Dear Covid-19: You brought out the best in people

In her 'Dear Covid-19' letter, nurse Faithe Poh shares how she saw Singapore unite in many unexpected ways.

Staff Writer
Staff Writer

Published: 5 June 2020, 10:41 PM

Dear Covid-19 is a memory project by the National Youth Council (NYC) in partnership with DSTNCT, to shed light on everyday life when Singapore came to a standstill as everyone stayed home.

This is a collection of letters to COVID-19 from young Singaporeans from all walks of life, each going through their own struggles and/or victories. The following story was submitted by 26-year-old Faithe Poh, a nurse working in Changi General Hospital, on May 10, 2020:

“Dear COVID-19,

You’re hateful. You’re unpredictable. But, thank you.

You thought you could bring devastation, but instead you brought families together. You thought you could bring destruction, but you brought out the best in people.

Since you started, my job as a nurse has been nothing short of interesting.

Initially I was jealous – about how people could enjoy the luxury of working from the comforts of their home. Working in “home clothes”?! Waking up 5 minutes before work starts?! What a dream.




Then I caught myself and became thankful instead. For a job I could still hold, and for the opportunity to be on the front line. For the chance to be united and strong where it matters. For the opportunity to witness the kindness of people first-hand when donations of clothes, food, toiletries, bags and necessities poured in for the foreign workers we were caring for in our ward. And mostly, for the opportunity to see Singapore unite in so many unexpected ways.

Mask and goggles marks aside, you have given me the chance to experience an array of emotions at work.

From the concern watching the anxiety of patients, to the unexplainable joy of discharging the COVID-free patients. Thank you for the chance to interact and journey with the patients even through their anxiety and worry till recovery; it has been so rewarding and such a pleasure.

Here’s to reminding myself of the kindness, humility and valour of the people who build our country and keep it running. Lastly, thank you for also giving me free rides to work, because “working from home” gives me my parents and time with them.




That being said, I can’t wait for you to be gone. I miss my extended family. I miss my friends. I miss the freedom of gathering in church and public places. I miss eating at restaurants. I miss not having to dabao food or deliver food in. I miss not having to wear a mask. I miss seeing the smiles of people.”

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