Cristiano Ronaldo, Singapore magnate Peter Lim launch ZujuGP to unite football fans through technology

The new enterprise will also feature articles and opinion pieces revolving around football culture in Asia.

Brandon Leong

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Published: 14 October 2021, 1:11 PM

Cristiano Ronaldo has teamed up with local businessman Peter Lim in a new business venture. 

ZujuGP launched today (Oct 14) and is a digital collective aimed at uniting communication, technology and the beautiful game – football. 

The integrated centralised platform will utilise technology to foster a space for football lovers to come together and interact in diverse ways. 

According to its website, ZujuGP believes the AI revolution has begun and football as we know it is evolving due to technology. It added that it will also focus on the football scene in Asia as it deems it to be the home of the next seismic football era. 

The website will also feature articles and opinion pieces, with most of the articles revolving around football culture in Asia. Already, there are pieces on the website that explore the Indonesian footballing scene and the gaming culture in China. 

ZujuGamePlay, the company’s flagship product that will launch soon, will enable fans to interact with each other in real-time at virtual stadiums. You can even host friends at your very own Owner’s Box to commentate and chat with, and even use the opportunity to conduct social commerce.  

You can also buy an assortment of merchandise on their website, including cards, stationery, clothes and even a poster featuring Cristiano dressed up as a samurai

The friendship between the global football superstar and the Singaporean businessman goes back a long time. In 2013, Cristiano was in Singapore to raise awareness for the Singapore Olympic Foundation – Peter Lim Scholarship, which supports young athletes. 

Cristiano also delegated the ownership and administrative duties of his image rights to Peter’s company, Mint Media in 2015. 

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