Creative digital greeting cards you can send to your friends and family to keep the Hari Raya spirit alive

Wish your loved ones COV-EID Mubarak through these quirky greeting cards designed by artists around the world.

Anis Nabilah

Published: 29 May 2020, 11:57 PM

This year, many Muslims in Singapore celebrated Hari Raya (May 24) at home, over Zoom and video calls.

While having to skip common Hari Raya traditions, like visiting relatives, have put a damper on festive celebrations, a group of creatives came together to start COVEID, a platform where you can download unique digital greeting cards to send to your loved ones.

The non-profit digital initiative, started by over 60 Muslim and non-Muslim artists from all over the world, hopes to show that not even a virus outbreak can stop us from celebrating Hari Raya.

Here are a few of the quirky and relatable designs you can find on COVEID to send to your loved ones!

1. Dress code: Baju kurung optional


It might get awkward when you stand up. PHOTO CREDIT: LUQMAN DAUD VIA COVEID


Yes, your relatives on the Zoom call won’t know if you’re wearing pants or not. No, no one is coming over.

Just please don’t stand up during the call.

2. The perfect Hari Raya 2020 recipe 


At least these ingredients won’t be sold out at the supermarket. PHOTO CREDIT: REVA DHINGRA VIA COVEID


Can’t find what you need to bake your Hari Raya goodies? Try this recipe for a Hari Raya celebration with your family at home instead.

No precision needed, you can just agak-agak the measurements.

3. Show off your virtual front door


Skip the trouble of decorating your front door. PHOTO CREDIT: HAMZI HAMID VIA COVEID


For those having trouble hanging up your lampu lap-lip (festive LED lights), send this to your family members who are asking to see your Hari Raya decorations.

The flickering lights in this GIF will distract them from the fact that you haven’t had the time or energy to decorate your house.

4. Remind each other to wear face masks 


Face masks go with pretty much all baju kurung colours. PHOTO CREDIT: HAMIMAH HAMID VIA COVEID


Send this reminder to those who always seem to forget to put on their face masks before going out.

You could even pose à la this graphic with your face masks to really spice up your at-home OOTD photos this year!


You can’t get more festive than this ketupat mask. PHOTO CREDIT: PEI WEN VIA COVEID

5. Send virtual hugs 


These hugs have no risk of COVID-19 transmission. PHOTO CREDIT: REVA DHINGRA VIA COVEID


Rescue your friends who are suffering from hug-deprivation due to social distancing by sending them this virtual invitation.

6. Send virtual kuihs

Cartoon kuihs can be mouth-watering too.




These are just a few of the designs you can get from COVEID. If you want to see COVEID’s full range of digital greeting cards and GIFs, check out their website for more.

They have over 70 designs which are all free for you to download and share through WhatsApp or Telegram.

In the meantime, continue enjoying your Hari Raya kuihs and have a good celebration at home!

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