Create a crazy burger for crazy prizes in Fatboy’s birthday challenge

The one thing you enjoy in your burger that others find weird can make you a winner in this giveaway.

Nur Sabrina

Needs her space organised and clean 24/7.

Published: 6 October 2021, 12:40 PM

For those of us who have a thing for weird and unusual ingredients in our burgers, this is our time to shine.

To celebrate their 12th birthday, Fatboy’s is looking for unexpected ingredients to add in their burgers, and have opened a contest for people to suggest their favourites. 

Think of a crazy ingredient you find oddly satisfying in a burger and you might just be one of the 12 winners selected.

Other than enjoying $100 worth of Fatboy’s vouchers, winner’s ingredients will be added to Fatboy’s Build Your Own menu. 

Remember, the ingredient has to be something you wouldn’t normally find in a burger and of course, the outcome has to be delicious. 

Comment down on their Instagram post here by Oct 13. May the best foodie win!

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