COVID-19 vaccination-differentiated measures to be lifted from Oct 10

Dining in at all F&B establishments, including hawker centres, will no longer require VDS.

Edwin Chan

I like my pineapples on pizzas, and put my cereal before milk.

Published: 7 October 2022, 7:29 PM

COVID-19 vaccination-differentiated safe management measures (VDS) will be lifted entirely from Oct 10, announced the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Friday (Oct 7).

“We have learned to live with the COVID-19 virus, having weathered several infection waves and progressively lifted SMMs,” said MOH.

There will no longer be restrictions in place for dining in at all F&B establishments, nightlife establishments where dancing among patrons is one of the intended activities, and events with more than 500 participants.

However, even as VDS is lifted, MOH recommends those who are non-fully vaccinated to “come forward to be vaccinated” as they face a “higher risk of severe disease”. 

Those non-fully vaccinated are also encouraged to “take their own precautions and minimise social interactions to protect themselves”.

Even with the lifting of VDS, MOH urges everyone to continue to exercise personal and social responsibility and keep up-to-date with vaccinations. 

“These steps will allow our society to be more resilient as we progress steadily towards living with COVID-19 and the new variants that emerge from time to time,” said MOH.

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