Compulsory testing for people at hotspots on same day as infected cases

Individuals have to stay in isolation until they receive their testing results.

Effie Tan

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Published: 18 June 2021, 5:37 PM

Individuals who visited COVID hotspots on the same day as infected cases are required to undergo mandatory testing and stay isolated until they receive their results.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Friday (Jun 18) that health alerts via SMS will be sent out to those that visited hotspots as they may have exposure to the virus. 

Those who receive the health alerts have to take a COVID-19 test at designated testing centres and stay isolated until the results are out. 

At the designated testing centres, individuals will also be given a COVID-19 DIY test kit which they have to administer at home over the next few days to ensure that they are not infected. 

MOH added that “While the risk of infection is lower if they were to test negative, they should continue to limit their interactions with others as an added precaution and restrict their activities to only those which are essential.”

Additionally, individuals who are unable to work from home will be allowed to do so but must comply with the precautionary measures at work. 

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