Choa Chu Kang refurbishments to include new MRT stations, town plaza, enhanced community spaces

Some changes are slated for as early as 2025.

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Published: 16 October 2023, 4:18 PM

Choa Chu Kang will see several improvements in the coming years under the Housing Development Board’s (HDB) Remaking our Heartland (ROH) initiative. 

These changes include two new stations on an upcoming transport line, facilities for rest and socialising, and extended green spaces.

Through the ROH programme, HDB aims to refresh parts of Singapore. This round of refurbishment will involve four areas, including Choa Chu Kang, which is made up of seven subzones. 

The other areas, Bukit Merah, Queenstown, and Ang Mo Kio, will each have their own individual ROH plans.

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The Choa Chu Kang refurbishment plan was drawn by HDB following consultations with 480 residents. 

Under its proposal, HDB hopes to create an “inclusive, green and accessible town” that allows for a strong community and town identity where residents are physically and socially active, in line with the residents’ vision.

HDB has outlined three parts – Injecting New and Exciting Developments, Revitalising Recreation Spaces, and Refreshing Neighbourhood Amenities – to achieve this. 

Injecting New and Exciting Developments

HDB plans to construct a town plaza, a pedestrian mall, and the town’s inaugural hawker centre.

These changes, besides adding retail and dining options for residents, are intended to “provide opportunities for social activities and community bonding.”


The Town Plaza hopes to facilitate performances, festive bazaars and fitness activities for the community. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BOARD


To facilitate mobility for residents, a new transportation line, the Jurong Region Line, is scheduled for completion in 2029, with the Line’s Choa Chu Kang station anticipated to be built by 2027. 

Two new planned Jurong Region Line stations will be built along the Line and serve the Choa Chu Kang area.

According to HDB, the completed Line aims to connect Choa Chu Kang to “key places” in the West – namely Nanyang Technological University, Jurong Lake District, Jurong Industrial Estate, and the Jurong Innovation District.

Other accessibility improvements like improved pedestrian connectivity, widening of the Choa Chu Kang North Park Connector, and a new integrated transport hub next to Choa Chu Kang MRT are also in the works.

There are also plans in place for new housing space along the Rail Corridor. Areas along Woodlands Road have been allocated for a “unique living experience which integrates greenery and heritage.”

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In its collaboration with Nature and Heritage Groups, HDB aims to include at least two hectares of existing greenery in its residential plans. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BOARD


There will also be an integrated development with housing for seniors alongside commercial shops, a community plaza, a hawker centre and other community needs. The development, named Heart of Yew Tee, is slated to have 10 storeys of residential space and six storeys of commercial space.

Revitalising Recreation Spaces

Beyond allowing for more community spaces and enhancing connectivity of public spaces, HDB also plans to improve recreational spaces in Choa Chu Kang. 

To guide residents to explore new and interesting spaces along the Activity Corridor, wayfinding features and rejuvenate areas will be added under the North-South Line MRT viaduct to offer community spaces.


These community spaces are intended to provide recreational opportunities, with some planned close to residential areas. PHOTO CREDIT: HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BOARD


Across the town, restorative and therapeutic spaces will be added alongside recreational and sports facilities.

These facilities include the Brickland Sport-in Precinct, which when fully constructed in 2025 will include a basketball court, playground, and fitness corners.

The Pang Sua Promenade, a popular spot among residents, will also be refurbished to add greenery, a cycling ramp to improve accessibility, and an improved entrance with stairs “for easy access to healthy lifestyle options.”

Refreshing Neighbourhood Amenities

In order to promote holistic well-being, which includes mental, physical and social well-being, HDB will improve facilities for active living, quality respite spaces, community spaces, and senior-friendly design. 

HDB has placed emphasis on green spaces within Choa Chu Kang, and has planned several improvements to extend the presence of greenery throughout the town.

A new park will be constructed at Choa Chu Kang Way next to the Pang Sua Park Connector, which itself will receive a refresh. 

The National Parks Board will also upgrade Choa Chu Kang Park, the town’s largest park, to provide improved community and landscaped spaces, as well as to extend greenery beyond the park into the town centre in the form of landscaping and green roofs.

Other changes include the upgrading of neighbourhood parks to include playgrounds, pavilions and exercise amenities. Wellness landscapes and nature ways are also planned to go up to improve residents’ capacity to relax and socialise. 

Proposal details

The ROH proposals for the Choa Chu Kang area will be displayed at Keat Hong Community Club from Oct 15 to 29.

After this, they will be moved to Yew Tee Plaza where residents can view them from Nov 4 to 19. 

The proposals will be available for viewing from 10am to 8pm at both locations during their stipulated time periods.

Residents are invited to give feedback on the rejuvenation.

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