Chingay50 will celebrate 50 years of tradition online

Some highlights include a dance competition and a talent show.

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Published: 10 December 2021, 12:20 PM

At the start of a new year, Chingay50 will be celebrating its 50th milestone following the theme of “Ignite Our Dreams” on Feb 12, 2022, whereby Singaporeans are encouraged to pursue their passions in spite of challenging circumstances.

It will be broadcasted live online and on social media channels. 

Here are some highlights to look forward to in Chingay50.

D:2 Dance Competition

D:2 stands for Dynamic:Diversity, meaning dancers are invited to fuse cultural inspirations with any dance genres to partake in this competition.

Participants are split into three categories: Category A for participants aged 13 to 17, Category B for participants aged 17 to 25, and Category C for participants aged 13 to 35.

Prizes include a cash prize of $1,200, as well as attractive footwear and apparel.

Interested dancers can register their participation here until Dec 15 and the finals will take place on Jan 22, 2022.

We’ve Got Talent!

Bringing The X-Factor to Singapore, We’ve Got Talent! will share some of the most creative works in the community, where participants stand a chance at their one minute of fame at Chingay50 with their video, as well as potentially win $3,000 and other attractive prizes. 

The public can vote for their favourite videos from Dec 15 to 30.

Chingay As You PHOTO It

Photographing 50 years of Chingay, Chingay As You PHOTO It is a walk down the five decades of celebrations with vivid memories of each year. Participants are encouraged to share photographs of previous Chingays with a short caption to reminisce about the past.

Amongst the thousands of submissions is 69-year-old- Mdm Ong Choon Mui’s photograph of the very first Chingay Parade in 1973, a fond memory shared by the older generation.


The very first Chingay parade featured a performance by these big head dolls, of which one of them is Mdm Ong Choon Mui. PHOTO CREDIT: CHINGAY PARADE SINGAPORE


You will be able to access the photos online on the Chingay website from mid-January, 2022.

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