Chingay parade 2023 to provide more than 3,000 youths with opportunity to showcase talents

Chingay 2023 will return as a full physical parade for the first time after two years.

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Published: 19 December 2022, 4:06 PM

More than 3,000 youths will come together to put on an “imaginative and creative” Chingay parade next year. 

Held at the F1 Pit Building on Feb 3 and 4, the Chingay 2023 will return as a full physical parade for the first time in two years. It was held virtually in 2021 and in a hybrid format last year. 

Next year’s celebrations will see over 2,000 students from eight schools and institutions embarking on a community programme, called Rabbits ART-Venture,  

Over 2,000 youths from eight schools and institutions with community artists will be embarking in a Chingay community program called Rabbits ART-Venture. Participants will be given an opportunity to express their passion, talent and aspirations by decorating cardboard “Chingay Rabbits” based on the theme, “future Singapore” in the programme. 

The rabbit was specifically chosen as 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, which is said to bring a renewed sense of vigour and rejuvenated energy, ready and eager to take on the future. 

Students from Boon Lay Primary, New Town Primary, Xingnan Primary and Zhangde Primary, as well as Singapore Polytechnic, ITE College East, Yuhua Secondary School and Yuvabharathi International School will be involved. 


Participants of each school or institution are given the freedom to adorn their cardboard “Chingay Rabbits”, however they wish. PHOTO CREDIT: PEOPLE’S ASSOCIATION


New Town Primary School’s Rabbits ART-Venture participants have chosen to approach the program with an ‘Avant-Garde Space City’ concept. 

Around 80 students with the guidance of community artist Tay Swee Siong, have built and designed about 266 “Chingay Rabbits” of different backgrounds coming together to create and realise the mission of building a new spacecraft.

Those who are interested in viewing the Rabbits ART-Venture can do so for free at the F1 Pit Building on Feb 3, 4, 6 and 9, from 6pm to 10pm. It is also open on Feb 5 from 2pm to 10pm. 

Taking centre stage at the Chingay parade is a container art installation. Designed and conceptualised by Sam Lo, this installation is made up of 28 20-footer and 40-footer containers, and will be co-created by 480 youths. 


The artwork will be the largest-ever community art installation at the Chingay parade, says People’s Association. PHOTO CREDIT: PEOPLE’S ASSOCIATION


The finished artwork will serve as the performance backdrop for Chingay 2023

The public will also be able to view the installation for free at the F1 Pit Building on Feb 5 from 2pm to 10pm, and Feb 6 to 9 from 6pm to 10pm. 

Youths will also be allowed to spray paint at Chingay to express their vision of the 2023 Chingay 2023 theme, Embrace Tomorrow.

The artwork will depict a Chingay performer surrounded by cultural motifs, costumes and props that are iconic to Chingay. It will also feature a web of hands symbolising the diverse community coming together to celebrate Chingay and the unique Singaporean culture. 

The artwork is meant to remind Singaporeans to remain forward-looking and resilient, even as they overcome challenging times together as a nation.

Two competitions – “We’ve Got Talent!” (WGT) and D:2 (Dynamic: Diversity) Dance Competition – will also be held to showcase young local budding talents. Audiences at the F1 Pit Building can expect to see performances from The Chingay Community Star 2023 and winning dance groups of the D:2 Dance Competition 2023. 

Tickets to the Chingay parade, priced from $28.50 to $60, are now available on SISTIC

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