Chinese hopping vampire themed figurine exhibition by ActionCity’s BLAXK to open on Sep 24

There will also be a new art figure release limited to just 100 figures.

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Published: 22 September 2022, 7:09 PM

Local collectible and toy retail brand ActionCity’s BLAXK art toy collectible gallery at Funan mall will collaborate with sculptor Daniel Yu on a Jiangshi themed exhibition named Altered Realities: A Jiangshi Introspection from Sep 24 to Nov 20.

In this exhibition, Daniel Yu curates a collection of collectibles he has created influenced by the Jiangshi, a folklore character strongly rooted in modern cultural consciousness by classic Hong Kong Horror movies from the 70s to 90s.

Daniel, a sculptor who works primarily with clay and resin, is one of the pioneers in the collectibles scene. 

With a large collector base, Daniel has a large portfolio of creations of ubiquitous characters to him with Jiangshi being his strongest muse. The Jiangshi pieces are highly sought after by collectors and macabre aficionados alike.

Paying tribute to the Jiangshi, Daniel elevates the classic folklore character into a pop culture icon through showcasing his various creative reimaginations.


Daniel said that organic looking textures are his favourite thing to sculpt, and with zombie skin there’s no limits to the sorts of interesting pits and pustules to add. PHOTO CREDIT: BLAXK BY ACTIONCITY


The exhibition will showcase over 120 such Jiangshi creations and other macabre-themed collectibles produced during Daniel’s art career.

Daniel has also collaborated with BLAXK to design and produce a new art figure, BLAXK x Daniel Yu Jiangshi Junior, marrying the signature traits of Daniel Yu’s Jiangshi Acolyte into a form never seen before.


The BLAXK x Daniel figure incorporates regular joints instead of magnets, and is designed exclusively for the exhibition. PHOTO CREDIT: BLAXK BY ACTIONCITY


The collectibles, with only 100 pieces produced, are casted in high quality vinyl and has seven points of articulation for the collector to recreate Jiangshi poses. They are available for preorder on the ActionCity website and is priced at $188.

In addition, art of Jiangshi will also be showcased reimagined by key artists in the local arts scene such as Clogtwo, Inkten Nadirah and FREAKYFIR. 

Focusing on Jiangshi as a pop culture art form rather than its gory cinematic history, the exhibition showcases participating artist’s take on the Jiangshi from “whimsical paintings and trippy artworks to downright quirky installations”. 


The 13 artworks will be displayed six at a time over two waves. PHOTO CREDIT: BLAXK BY ACTIONCITY


Visitors can view 13 artworks from Sep 24 to Oct 20 and Oct 21 to Nov 20 during the exhibition.

The exhibition will be located at BLAXK by Actioncity in Funan mall at 107 North Bridge Road, Funan, #01-03. Admission is free.

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