Cha Chak, Massages, Kway Chap: What to expect at Chatuchak Night Market Singapore

Visitors can also grab a watermelon soju or have a massage at the open-air night market.

Farhana Subuhan

Published: 9 February 2023, 4:18 PM

The Chatuchak Night Market Singapore has returned to The Grandstand this year, featuring 100 food and 80 retail stalls.

The night market is segregated into three different zones and there are 200 centralised seats for visitors to have a seat and tuck into authentic Thai delights.

Apart from food stalls, visitors can also rent Thai costumes, have a go at the claw machines or get their nails done at the open-air market till Apr 2.

Still unsure on what to do there? Here are some things to look forward to at the night market this year:

Authentic Thai Food

Missing Bangkok’s street food? With over 30 vendors from Thailand, one can get to savour authentic dishes like Thai kway chap at Suriyothai Kway Chap, stewed pork leg and chinese bun at the Original Suntow till Apr 2.

Those with a sweet tooth might also fancy the mango sticky rice and smoothie at Sawasdee Mango.


The Suriyothai Kway Chap is from the Lopburi province in central Thailand. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN


With the weather becoming hotter in the coming fortnight, visitors can quench their thirst with Cha Chak (Thai Teh Tarik) from the province of Satun, or opt for coffee, fresh milk, cocoa, matcha green tea and Ovaltine from Roti & Chachak. The halal-certified stall also sells Roti – a dough mixture made of egg yolks, where one can choose toppings ranging from banana, chocolate and condensed milk.


Roti & Chachak will sell an assortment of drinks and roti. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN

Local Vendors

At least 50 food stalls are run by local vendors at the night market, selling Thai and Western delights.

Those looking to cool themselves down in the sweltering heat can try the creamy butterbeer that is packed with sugar or the three-layered Thai drinks that are served randomly by Yum Cha SG. The three-layered drinks come in watermelon, bubblegum, honeydew and mango flavours.


The three-layered drinks will consist of watermelon mania, blue bubblegum, honeydew delight or mango fantasy.PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN


Visitors who are not a fan of butter beers or three-layered drinks can still try Yum Cha SG’s honeycomb ice-cream at its booth.

Loco Loco, which specialises in selling oreo, original, ondeh ondeh and chilli churros will also sell takoyakis in a variety of flavours – mentaiko, chilli crab, cheese and original.

Crab & Burger, a delivery-based restaurant will also grill crab and meat-based burgers at its booth, on top of serving starters like Crab Mac and Cheese bites.

Run by the former head chef of Burger and Lobster, the booth will whip up new Thai-inspired dishes like Thai KP with green curry mayo and a Krapow burger.

Massages, manicure and more

Those feeling sluggish after walking around the night market can get a refreshing 10 or 30-minute massage at the Original Thai Massage booth, where masseurs will gently massage shoulders and feet in the gazebo. A 10-minute session costs $15 while a 30-minute session costs $35.

Those who are not looking to shop can consider getting their nails done at the manicure booth or rent a Chut Thai, a traditional clothing worn in the Land of Smiles.

There are also a few retail booths selling clothes like shirts, pants and socks at a bargain. This includes a local vendor, Europe Factory Outlet, that is known to cater to all sizes.


Foot and shoulder massages (left) are also available at the night market. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN

Alcohol Zone

The alcohol zone, which is run by Thailand’s largest beverage company Chang Beer, spans four tents. They don’t just sell beer, but a special watermelon soju that is touted by the organisers to be the ultimate summer drink.

The refreshingly fruity drink is served in watermelon shells with floating ice.


Chang Beer is the official beer partner for Chatuchak Night Market Singapore 2023. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FARHANA SUBUHAN


The Chatuchak Night Market will run from 4pm to 10pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. Visitors travelling via public transport can opt to take the shuttle bus services from the Botanic Gardens and Sixth Avenue MRT stations.

All-day free parking is also available at The Grandstand.

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