CATS the musical

The world famous cats come to Singapore.

Filkhairi Zaini

Published: 14 January 2015, 12:19 PM


That is just one of the numerous words that can be used to describe CATS. Even then, words cannot even begin to reflect how brilliant Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s globally acclaimed musical actually is. CATS, one of the longest-running musicals in Broadway history, has been seen by over 70 million people worldwide and has received a record-breaking number of accolades.




And rightfully so! The musical is truly a sight to behold. Performing now at the Marina Bay Sands’ MasterCard Theatres until February 1, CATS brings forth the best in music, acting and dance. Not to mention, the set as well as the props and costumes were magnificent. The whole theatre was filled with fog to accentuate the beautiful lights from the theatre hall. There was an atmosphere of grandness way before the show even began.


Amazing stage with gorgeous lights


The cast made quite an entrance by running through the aisles before going on stage. The actors played their parts as cats very well, to the extent that they never broke character in the background even when the solo acts were taking place. From sounding like they were about to poop in voicing old Gus, to doing vigorous pelvic thrusts in portraying sassy Rum Tum Tugger, the actors’ ability to bring their characters to life was a remarkable feat. Also, the way they flawlessly executed the different dance numbers while singing the high notes at the same time turned the audience into awed-ience. The display of talent was a testament to their calibre as stage actors. It is no wonder then that CATS is such a highly praised global act.


The wonderful cast of CATS


More praise must be heaped onto the amazing wardrobe. The costumes for the entire cast were put together very well. Elaborate outfits, coupled with impeccable stage makeup, made for a splendid visual treat. My personal favourite was the costume for Mr Mistoffelees, which was a black suit with bright lights and glitter all over.


Mr Mistoffelees in his beautiful glimmering costume


The stage props were exceptionally innovative too. The audience reacted with a roar of applause when the cats constructed a giant railway train engine out of nowhere from different small objects.


All aboard!


The highlight of the show for me, and I believe most of the audience too, was Grizabella’s performance of the musical’s famous song ‘Memory’. The audience’s thunderous cheers of approval at the end of the song validated her splendid vocal abilities.




At the end of the day, it was the little things that made the experience so amazing. The cast interacted very well with the audience, from playfully mingling with us during intermission to casually breaking the fourth wall and candidly motioning for louder applause after each act.

The audience rose to their feet to give the cast of CATS a standing ovation for a show that was nothing short of majestic.


A marvelous work of art
Photo credits: Base Entertainment Asia

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