Canteens and coffeeshops to have new three VDS options for diners

These new options are meant to take some strain off coffeeshop operators, especially during peak hours.

Alicia Ang

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Published: 7 March 2022, 12:44 PM

Coffeeshops and canteens will have three new vaccinated-differentiated safe management measures (VDS) options implemented from Monday, Mar 7. 

The announcement was made by Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment Dr Amy Khor in a Facebook post on Mar 6.

“Due to the porous nature and layout of coffeeshops, it may be more challenging for coffeeshop operators to implement VDS in its entirety,” she stated. 

“From Mar 7, 2022, coffeeshops and canteens will have the option to implement VDS in one of three different ways, to accommodate groups of up to five fully vaccinated persons to dine-in at their premises without compromising on the safety of diners.”

The first option is area-bound VDS, where coffeeshops and canteens can cordon off specific areas for groups with three to five people to eat. These areas will have to have controlled access and vaccination checks. 

Outside the cordoned off area, only two people will be allowed to dine in. This area will not require a vaccination check. 

The second option is time-bound VDS, where up to five people can dine in but only from 5pm to 10.30pm. For this option, the dining area must have controlled access and vaccination checks during the stipulated time period.

Outside of this time period, only groups of up to two people can dine in. 

The last option is area and time-bound VDS, where coffeeshops and canteens must adhere to both the rules stated above. For this option, controlled access and vaccination checks will be implemented from 5pm to 10.30pm, but are only required for a cordoned-off area for up to five pax to eat within. 

Coffeeshops will have to seek approval from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) for implementations of the VDS options. Posters and signages will have to be displayed when approvals are given. 

SFA will also routinely conduct checks to make sure the VDS are adhered.

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