Cafe Sketchers Singapore’s artworks on display at brunch cafe until Feb 15

The sub-community of local sketchers is celebrating its sixth anniversary.

Caleb Lau

Grew up a musician, found a calling in photography and writing. Still in love with all of them.

Published: 21 January 2022, 1:28 PM

On your next cafe-hopping adventure, consider checking out this cafe with both food and local artworks worth feasting your eyes on.

In commemoration of its sixth anniversary, Cafe Sketchers Singapore is showcasing its yummy-looking sketches at 6 Letter Brunch cafe until Feb 15.

The art pieces on display came out of a sketching session the community held at the cafe last December, and feature visual interpretations of the cafe by 30 local artists, most of whom have been with the community the longest.


The works are displayed from the cafe’s entrance all the way to its backyard. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/6 LETTER BRUNCH


A sub-group of local art community Urban Sketchers Singapore, Cafe Sketchers is composed of more than 680 individuals. They host online drawing activities, monthly sketching themes as well as brand collaborations. 

According to James Ethos Klaus, admin of the community’s Facebook page and a sketcher himself, the community started in 2015 as a smaller group of artists who met to sketch at a cafe.

The artworks will be on display until Feb 15 at 6 Letter Brunch, located at 103 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458225. The cafe opens from 8am to 8pm Sunday to Thursday, and 8am to 9pm from Friday to Saturday.

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