Cable ties are now a fashion statement that cost over $500

From zip ties to safety pin jewellery priced at hundreds of dollars, luxury fashion brands are getting creative!

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 20 January 2021, 1:08 PM

When you see cable ties, you probably won’t think of much. Made out of nylon, they are typically used as fasteners to hold things together — primarily electrical cables and wires, as the name suggests.

However, Tokyo-based luxury brand, Ambush, is currently selling jewellery that look like cable ties and zip ties for an absurdly high price.

They offer rings, bracelets and earrings in various different colours that all look like the cable ties you can find around your electrical wires.


The Ambush Zip Tie Bracelet compared with a regular zip tie looks almost indistinguishable from afar. PHOTO CREDIT: DISTRELEC.BIZ, AMBUSHDESIGN.COM


But for its exorbitant price, Ambush’s zip tie jewellery obviously can’t be made out of plastic.

Made out of brass, the matte Zip Tie Ring and Zip Tie Bracelet, which come in yellow and black, cost $520 and $785 respectively.

Similar in material, the Zip Tie Two-finger Ring comes in three colours. They are black, yellow and blue, and cost $705.

They also offer slimmer Zip Tie Rings and Bracelets made out of sterling silver that costs $665 and $940 respectively.

As for their asymmetric Zip Tie Earrings, they come in silver and are priced at $1,230, while the brass earrings are $785.


The zip tie jewellery genuinely looks like someone spray painted over a normal plastic cable tie. PHOTO CREDIT: AMBUSHDESIGN.COM


Personally, I have no idea why one would pay such a high price for jewellery that looks like something you can buy in a pack of 50 for just $2.

In fact, you could probably save money and still look stylish by purchasing normal plastic cable ties, painting them, and then tying them around your fingers or wrist.

However, Ambush’s whole brand is about creating genre-defying and innovative jewellery, which explains the interesting jewellery design concepts.

Zip ties aren’t the only common household object that they incorporated into wearable jewellery. Ambush also released safety pin necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that can go up to $1,395.


Even wooden pegs or clips have been reimagined by Ambush into $760 earrings. PHOTO CREDIT: FARFETCH.COM


Although the trends in the fashion industry is way beyond my comprehension, I know one thing is for certain: No matter how rich I am, I would rather spend on cheap designs I actually like, over expensive branded goods.

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