Budget friendly gift ideas for Father’s Day

You don't have to spend extravagant amounts and to show your appreciation and love for your dad.

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Published: 15 June 2021, 11:13 AM

Father’s Day falls on Sunday (Jun 20), so how about getting a gift to let your father know that he’s appreciated?

Gifts do not have to be expensive – it’s the thoughts that count after all –  and there are many ways to get your father something thoughtful without spending extravagantly or even unnecessarily.

Here are five budget friendly gift ideas for Father’s Day.

1. Handmade gifts

Let your creativity flow by making a handmade gift for your father. Whether it’s a simple card, or a keychain, making your own gift makes it unique and allows you to customise it according to your father’s hobbies and interests.

Of course, the effort and time put in to create the gift will surely make your dad touched too.

Until now, my father still keeps the Father’s Day cards and handmade gifts I made for him when I was young.


fathers day affordable budget friendly gift ideas handmade arts and crafts
Handmade gifts are extra special as it lets your father feel the love and affection from your gift. PHOTO CREDIT: SIGMUND VIA UNSPLASH


If you feel that the gift you made isn’t enough, you could throw in a gift card or a personalised gift you can order online. This year, I ordered a custom photo frame on top of a handmade card  for my father so he could display it on his office desk.

2. Give a massage

People often think of massages as a luxury treat for women, but that is not the case. Massages  are beneficial to everyone and can relieve pain, stress and improve sleeping patterns.

If treating your father to a massage spa is out of your budget, you can get him an affordable massage gun for him and offer him an “in-home” treatment.

After his days hard at work, you  can help sooth his tough muscles with the massage gun and regular massage can help induce a good night’s rest.


fathers day affordable budget friendly gift ideas massage relax spa treatment
A massage is the perfect treat for your father to help him unwind and boost his overall wellbeing and health. PHOTO CREDITS: CONSCIOUS DESIGN VIA UNSPLASH


If the massage gun doesn’t suit your father, you can just go back to the basics and offer him a massage yourself. Your hands and arms might be sore after his massage session, but I’m sure your father has had it worse!

3. Spend quality time

Who says you need to spend extravagantly to have a good time with your dad? Let him take the backseat and you can plan a fun trip for you and him, or the whole family as well.

Spending quality time is an essential factor that helps to create strong bonds, love, and relationships among family members.

Despite the COVID-19 measures, there are many free and fun activities to do from hiking to having a picnic at Marina Barrage. You can even get kites at provision shops to fly with the family after hiking or eating there.


fathers day affordable budget friendly gift ideas spend quality time hiking picnic flying kite
As many of us are occupied with work or school, we often forget to spend more time with family. PHOTO CREDITS: JOHN T VIA UNSPLASH

4. Cook a meal

This Father’s Day, stay at home and you can prepare a delicious, home-cooked meal for him. By cooking for him yourself, you can specially prepare the meal exactly to his preferences.

Many recipes are available online and, regardless of your level of cooking expertise, your father would definitely appreciate the effort and time spent preparing the food.


fathers day affordable budget friendly gift ideas cooking meals home

You can even include your siblings in your plans and cook the meal together.

5. Offer to wash the car

If your father is constantly busy at work, he may not have gotten his car cleaned in a long time. Another great gift to give to your father is to give the car a wash.

It takes roughly one hour out of your day to wash the car. Just use soap, water and cleaning tools and the car will be spotless at the end of the wash.

fathers day affordable budget friendly gift ideas washing car
Your father would definitely appreciate the feeling of his clean and shiny car. PHOTO CREDIT: ELLY JOHNSON VIA UNSPLASH

As the saying goes, “quality over quantity”. Regardless of whatever you end up getting for your father, I’m sure he will feel loved and appreciate the effort and the thought.

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