BTS takes temporary break to pursue solo projects

Solo albums from each individual member are in the works, with J-Hope’s the first slated for release.

Harshiyne Maran

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Published: 15 June 2022, 4:02 PM

K-pop boy group BTS is taking a temporary break.

The members have hit pause on projects as a group to focus more on their individual projects and careers such as solo album releases. 

The band broke the news to fans via a video of a dinner party filmed in celebration of their ninth anniversary as a group that was posted onto YouTube on Tuesday (Jun 14) . 

All seven members had gathered over a spread of food and drinks to discuss their progress as a group and reminisce on their memories at the party. 

“We’re going into a hiatus now,” announced Suga, one of the members. The band members did not announce a date of reunion in the video, but promised to “return one day”. 

However, the company representing the group, HYBE, clarified that the group is not exactly “on hiatus” but taking a temporary break to “explore some solo projects” in a statement to the Associated Press (AP). 

The statement said: “They… will remain active in various different formats.”

Fans can look forward to seeing BTS in episodes of their variety show, Run BTS. The members confirmed in the video that they will start filming episodes for Run BTS, which previously stopped airing in October 2021.

The members also spoke more about their solo music and what it signifies for the group. 

The group’s leader Kim Namjoon, better known by his stage name RM, said: “Starting with J-Hope (member Jung Hoseok), we’ll officially be showing our individual colours.”

“When it comes down to each member, people don’t know who each of us are. Since we are singers, it would be the most effective if we showed that with our music or performance.”

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