Photo credit: BTS Official Twitter

BTS’ second online concert ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ to be livestreamed on June 14

K-pop supergroup BTS is returning with another online concert to celebrate their seventh anniversary.

Winny Wint Htae
Winny Wint Htae

Published: 2 June 2020, 5:25 PM

Following the sucess of their first online concert ‘Bang Bang Con‘, which generated 50.59 million total views with a peak of 2.24 million people watching the concert simultaneously, BTS is back with another online concert, ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’.

BTS’ label, BigHit Entertainment, shared that the online concert “will let BTS and ARMY continue to nurture their special connection together while being safe and healthy”.

Content scheduled for 2020 BTS Festa will be released from Jun 1 to Jun 14. Photo Credit: BTS Official Twitter

Bang Bang Con: The Live is part of 2020 BTS Festa, a yearly event held by BTS to celebrate their anniversary. The two-week long Festa will be packed with exciting content for fans, such as choreography videos and photo collections.

The online concert will wrap up the Festa event on June 14, a day after BTS’ anniversary.

Tickets for Bang Bang Con: The Live are available for purchase on Weverse Shop. Photo Credit: BTS’ Official Twitter

While Bang Bang Con was free to stream, Bang Bang Con: The Live will be a paid event. Fans can purchase tickets on Weverse, BigHit’s official fan community app.

Those with official fanclub memberships will receive a discount on the tickets which will cost USD$26.09. Otherwise, the tickets are priced at USD$35.10 for non-fanclub members.

The online event can be viewed through six multi-view screens, with subtitles in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. These features will definitely make the concert enjoyable for international viewers.

Bang Bang Con: The Live will be happening on June 14, 5pm SGT. Grab your tickets and don’t miss out on this special event on BTS’ anniversary!

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