BTS reveals comeback in May with new English single ‘Butter’

The K-pop group announced the release date of their new song through an hour-long livestream on YouTube.

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 28 April 2021, 12:02 PM

When popular K-pop group BTS put up a YouTube livestream on their BANGTANTV channel originally titled “What’s melting?” on Apr 26, fans were on the edge of their seats.

The one-hour livestream depicted a cube of animated butter with BTS’ logo on it slowly melting while sounds of fizzling butter being heated up. As the 60-minute countdown decreased in numbers, the butter melted to form a heart shape and slid off screen to reveal the release date and time for BTS’ newest single — Butter.


Armys joked about how absurd it was to watch animated butter melt for an hour, but showed their support for the group nevertheless. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@THIRDYISAGIRL


Butter will be released on May 21, 1pm KST (12pm, Singapore time). With over 12 million views on the hour long livestream reveal of animated butter melting, you can bet that the actual song will be met with overwhelming love and support from fans.

Since the drop of their first English hit Dynamite in Aug 2020, Butter will be K-pop group’s second English song.


While some fans are excited that the song will be in English, others wish the K-pop group had released it in Korean instead. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@NOODLESSAMA


News about if Butter will be part of a full album or a stand-alone EP have yet to be released, but you can check out BTS’ official page here to pre-save and get first news about the group’s latest song.

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