BTS online concert and other K-pop events to keep you entertained at home

K-pop groups BTS, SuperM and more are streaming online events in light of COVID-19.

Winny Wint Htae

Published: 14 April 2020, 6:37 PM

Many K-pop concerts, tours and events have been cancelled due to the global COVID-19 situation, leaving many fans feeling disappointed.

K-pop supergroup BTS had to reschedule their South Korean and North American concert dates for their Map Of The Soul tours, while many other K-pop artists had their fan meeting events cancelled.

Lucky for us, BTS announced on Apr 9 that they will be streaming a marathon of their past concerts online – for free!

Besides BTS’ highly anticipated livestream happening this weekend, here are three other K-pop online events you can enjoy at home.

1. BTS' Bang Bang Con Livestream

The Bang Bang Con livestream will take place this weekend from Apr 18-19. Time PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@BTS_BIGHIT

South Korean boy band BTS announced on Twitter that they will be livestreaming their past concerts, allowing fans to relive their concert experiences at home.

Titled Bang Bang Con, fans can connect their light sticks to the livestream, as though they are watching a “real” concert at home!

To top it all off, Bang Bang Con is free! You can stream it on BTS’s official YouTube Channel, BANGTAN TV, or Weverse if you want to sync your light stick with the concerts.

2. MCND's Global Meet and Call

MCND’s concept photo for their new album. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@MCNDOFFICIAL_

Rookie group MCND from TOP Media has made a comeback with a new song, ‘Spring’.

As with most K-pop groups’ comebacks, they will be organising an online fansign to promote their new song.

Happening on Apr 27, the online fansign is also open to international fans, unlike most fansign events that are usually more accessible to Korean fans.

Although fans will have to buy the group’s Ice Age album to stand a chance to win a fansign slot, this fansign will be a special opportunity for international fans to interact with the members.

Check out this tweet for more details.

3. SuperM's digital concert, Beyond The Future

SuperM will be performing on V Live on Apr 26. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@SMTOWNGLOBAL

SM Entertainment has collaborated with Naver, Korea’s biggest search engine, to develop a new platform for digital concerts on V Live, a live-streaming app commonly used by K-pop artists.

The entertainment agency’s newest boy group, SuperM, will have the honour of being the first performers on the new platform, ‘Beyond LIVE’.

It is expected that the new platform will feature real-time comments and also digital light sticks, so get ready to relive a concert experience with SuperM!

More details here.

4. Online fansign for Gugudan's Sejeong

Gugudan’s Sejeong is making a solo debut with her new album, Plant. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@GU9UDAN

Gugudan member Sejeong has been organising online fansigns to promote her first solo album, Plant.

Her upcoming online fansign on Apr 17 will be the last event for her album promotions.

50 lucky fans will be able to join the fansign, and international fans can stand a chance to participate if they buy her album through YES24. Check out Gugudan’s official tweet if you would like to participate!

To all K-pop fans who have been looking forward to seeing their idols, hang in there and attend these online events instead while staying safe at home!

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