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BTS members to defer military service thanks to South Korea’s new ‘BTS Law’

Under the new law, eligible celebrities can defer their enlistment until they turn 30.

Celeste Lim
Celeste Lim

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Published: 3 December 2020, 11:31 AM

ARMY’s, rejoice! BTS members will not be enlisting in the military for another two years.

On Dec 1, South Korea passed a new law that allows idols and other artists to defer their mandatory enlistment until they turn 30. As long as the entertainers have received government medals for their domestic and global cultural contributions, they are eligible for deferment.

Previously, the law stated that all male South Korean citizens would have to complete their 20 months of military service by the time they turn 30, prompting many celebrities to enlist at 28.

This news comes just in time for the supergroup’s oldest member Kim Seokjin, known by his stage name Jin, as he was due to enlist after his 28th birthday on Dec 4.


The group’s oldest member Jin will be enlisting in 2022 instead. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@BTS_TWT


Previously, many fans called for BTS to be exempted from military service as they had already contributed enough to the country. However, Jin said it was his duty to serve his country.

“When the country calls, we will gladly respond. I am planning to serve diligently when the time comes,” Jin said during a global press conference for their album BE, “The members and I have discussed this topic often, and we all agreed that we want to serve our mandatory military service duties.”

Mandatory military service is dreaded by fans of male celebrities, as many stars have had to enlist at the peak of their careers. Fans of boy group Super Junior had to wait 10 years for all members to complete their military service and reunite as a full group.

Currently, members of popular boy groups EXO and BTOB are serving in the military. Other idols due to enlist include Block B’s P.O. and VIXX’s Ravi, who will be turning 28 in February next year. 

It is currently unclear if they will receive deferments from the military under this new law.

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