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BreadTalk’s Hoppy Prosperity collection features zodiac-inspired cakes, auspicious buns, cookies

The collection is available till Feb 5 at all BreadTalk outlets.

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Published: 27 December 2022, 1:09 PM

BreadTalk is hopping into the Year of the Rabbit with auspicious buns, zodiac-inspired cakes, Chinese New Year cookies and festive bundles.

In a press release on Friday (Dec 23), BreadTalk announced the Hoppy Prosperity collection is be available from Dec 27 to Feb 5, 2023, at all outlets. 

Customers can look forward to rabbit and carrot-themed creations, as well as cakes and cookies made with auspicious ingredients like pineapple, pumpkin and yam.

Several new Auspicious Buns are included in the lineup, such as the carrot-shaped New Year Harvest ($2.30), Lucky Bunny ($2.30), Hoppy Carrot ($2.30), Ong Lai Huat ($2.30) and Golden Pumpkin Bun ($4.80).

The Bak Kwa Delight ($2.30) and Yammy Treasures ($2.30) is also making a return.

Customers can choose to mix and match any three of the selected buns (New Year Harvest, Ong Lai Huat, Lucky Bunny, Bak Kwa Delight and Yammy Treasures) for $6.

Those who prefer a bit more spice in their buns can find the Mala Pot ($6.80) bun, which plays off the popular mala steamboat soup base and is meant to symbolise the reunion of a family.


The Mala Pot bun is a butter roll with basic hotpot ingredients such as enoki mushroom, mala chicken and crab stick within. PHOTO CREDIT: BREADTALK


If you have a sweet tooth, the zodiac-inspired cakes may be right up your alley instead.

The Hoppy Prosperity collection will feature three new cakes, including the Prosperity Bunny ($6.90), Yuzu Roll ($12.80) and a Lunar New Year edition of the classic Mangococo ($48.80).

Do note the Prosperity Bunny and Mangococo cakes will not be available at the United Square, Raffles City and Ion Orchard outlets.


The Mangococo cake is made with pineapple coulis, one of the auspicious ingredients. PHOTO CREDIT: BREADTALK


Blissfully Prune, a traditional baked sponge cake made with prune paste, dried prunes and black jaggery sugar will also make its return from Jan 11 to 22, 2023. 

The cake can be purchased at $3 for a slice, $20 for an individual cake or $16 with any purchase made.

As the Lunar New Year arrives, customers can also purchase BreadTalk’s new and returning Chinese New Year Cookies at $14.80 a bottle and bring along the festive treats when they go visiting.

Hoppy Prosperity will see the release of four new cookie flavours, such as the Cheesy Carrot Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Cookie and Almond Crisps, while returning favourites include the Mini Pineapple Pastry, Cashew Nut Cookie and Mini Ondeh Ondeh.


The Cheesy Carrot Cookie also includes accents of green tea. PHOTO CREDIT: BREADTALK


The assorted cookies are not the only bottled offerings from BreadTalk, as Bottled Flosss can also be purchased in the Original Pork, Spicy Pork and Crispy Pork flavours for $9.80 each.

To provide customers with more festive gifting options, BreadTalk will also offer four bundles ranging from $16.80 to $72.80.

Sweet Reunion ($16.80) includes six Assorted Jelly, and the Lucky Floss Set bundle includes three Bottled Flosss.

While the Happy Treasures bundle also contains a Bottled Flosss aside from two bottles of assorted cookies, it is slightly more expensive than the Lucky Floss Set and priced at $35.80.

The most expensive of the bunch, the Big Blessings bundle includes any six bottles of assorted cookies.

All confectionaries from the collection can also be purchased at BreadTalk’s e-store or online on GrabFood, foodpanda and Deliveroo.

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