Brakeless bicycles not allowed on Singapore’s public roads and paths in future

This comes after the Government accepted the recommendations set out in the Active Mobility Advisory Panel's fourth review submitted in December last year.

Phoon Jia Hui

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Published: 25 January 2021, 5:19 PM

If you own a fixed-gear or BMX bicycle, take note. Brakeless bicycles will no longer be allowed on public paths and roads in the future, said the Ministry of Transport (MOT) on Monday (Jan 25). 

This comes after the Government accepted the recommendations set out in the Active Mobility Advisory Panel’s fourth review, submitted to the Government on Dec 30. 

The review had the aim of promoting the safe use of active mobility devices in Singapore.  

“While path safety has improved, it is timely for the panel to continue to monitor the landscape and make forward-looking recommendations,” MOT said in a media release. 

“The panel also plays an important role in engaging the public, and promoting awareness and civic responsibility among all path users.” 

In the review, the panel recommended mandating that all bicycles have brakes installed when on public paths and roads. This is to improve any safety concerns which could arise from the use of brakeless bicycles. 

These specialised bicycles have one handbrake or no brakes at all and riders brake by backpedalling, a move that requires considerable force and power. 

Under the proposed rule, such bicycles must have at least one handbrake installed when used on paths and roads.

The panel, however, added that these bicycles can continue to be used without brakes in controlled environments such as pump tracks and skate parks. 

“This was welcomed by the active mobility community, retailers and pedestrians. We will work closely with the Panel to implement it,” MOT said.

“All active mobility device users should continue to practise safe riding and to look out for other path and road users.” 

More details on the implementation of the proposed rule will be announced in due course, MOT added.

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