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Books to read for self-awareness

These three books will help you connect with the most important person in your life — yourself.

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Published: 15 January 2021, 3:11 PM

Some of us emerged out of 2020 frazzled and anxious, others unmotivated or feeling lost. 

While the new year brings about hope  new year, new me, right? there will undoubtedly be moments where we are uncertain how to even begin navigating this thing called life.

So, this year, in partnership with the National Reading Movement, Youthopia will share a list of books every month to help guide you through this strange, beautiful experience of being human.

We may be already at the halfway mark of the first month of 2021, but there is always time for some self-reflection. With an awareness of what makes us tick and what drives us, we will be more confident, grounded and better equipped to move forward meaningfully.

Here are three books that encourage us to take a moment to slow down and to understand ourselves just a little better. 

Listify: List and Journal Your Way to Balance, Self-Discovery and Self-Care by Marina Greenway



“What advice would you have given to your younger, kid self?”

Perhaps the only kind of ‘journaling’ you do now is found in the collection of indecipherable notes on your phone (which really is just a mash-up of half-remembered dreams, to-do lists and random things you wanted to check out later).

But so much is stored away in our minds — from everyday joys and stresses to childhood memories and hopes for the future — bottled up and unexamined.

With the wide-ranging prompts in Listify, you’re encouraged to put pen to paper, to uncover the stories within you, and to journal your way to a deeper connection to and awareness of yourself.

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Calm the Chaos Cards: 65 Simple Practices for a More Peaceful Life by Nicola Ries Taggart



“There is a quiet space in your heart that always knows what’s most important”

In the chaotic pace of our lives where we’re acquiring more and more – things, thoughts, information and the list goes on – we are often left feeling disconnected, unsatisfied or ill at ease. 

Featuring 62 inspiring, thought-provoking quotes and simple exercises, these Calm the Chaos Cards are gentle reminders to press the ‘pause’ button of our lives for a little while. 

Whether you choose to read it from cover to cover, or prefer to flip to random pages to see what you’ll find, this book will help you to reframe your moments, days and life in calmer, more intentional ways.

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Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity by Felicia Day



“Unfortunately, we are not born with user manuals. (Or warranties. Or return slips, for that matter.) So we have to work hard to uncover who we are and what sparks our passions.”

For those feeling stuck in life, or wistfully wishing to rekindle your curious, playful, and creative nature, Embrace Your Weird is the book that will help get you going.

In this creativity journal of sorts, author, producer and actress Felicia Day shares hilarious musings, writing and drawing prompts, and practical techniques for dealing with anxiety, procrastination and perfectionism. 

Embrace Your Weird is a charming guide that will inspire you to look deeply and honestly within yourself, and to fearlessly create a life on your own terms.

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