Billboards at ION Orchard and Ten Square to display art for ‘Crossroads’ festival

‘Crossroads’ is created as part of the upcoming Singapore Art Week.

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Published: 7 January 2022, 12:43 PM

A new annual art festival, Crossroads, is showing us that art does not just belong in museums and galleries. 

As part of the Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2022, Crossroads will be held at public spaces like major billboards in Singapore at ION Orchard and Ten Square to celebrate art media from Southeast Asia starting Jan 14. 

Presented by ToNewEntities and supported by the National Arts Council, Crossroads will embrace an open concept of art along with six local visual artists, Phua Juan Yong, Howie Kim, Juria Toramae, Priyageetha Dia, Tristan Lim and graphic designer trio Hause. 

Apart from sparking curiosity, Crossroads aims to break the boundaries of how art can be experienced, showing that it can exist in public areas and living spaces and how we can consume art in a short period of time, like when crossing the road. 

The artworks are inspired by recent events like the global pandemic, that have forced society to many a crossroad. 

Here are the works of some of the artists:

With his creation, Bongdirk, Howie Kim aims to bring a light-hearted, comedic touch to commercialism, allowing audiences to interpret his works themselves. 


Howie’s ‘Bongdirk on the Big Screen’ features a flashy pink character who changes between iconic pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe. IMAGE CREDIT: HOWIE KIM


Spring/Summer aims to bring attention to how modern day advertisements are often ignored by audiences. In the centre of the piece, a “model” is seen to be unbothered by all the “advertisements” surrounding her. 


In ‘Spring/Summer’ by Juan Yong, audiences can observe a recontextualised old Shanghainese advertisement turning into a modern day one. IMAGE CREDIT: PHUA JUAN YONG


Juria Toramae’s work was inspired by her personal documentation of various marine species found in Southeast Asian waters. She explores the in-betweens of what is real and what is made up.


Juria’s ‘Pelagic Dreams 2’ is a mesmerising video piece of a fictional sea creature. IMAGE CREDIT: JURIA TORAMAE


The first edition of the festival is set to screen on major billboards at ION Orchard and Ten Square from Jan 14 to 16 and Jan 21 to 23, at 7.30pm to 8pm. 

Head down to immerse yourself in the big and bright artworks, and you may just find a great photo opportunity too!

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