Big Hit Entertainment announces corporate name change to HYBE

HYBE will symbolise connection, expansion and relationships.

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Published: 19 March 2021, 6:01 PM

K-pop company Big Hit Entertainment, home to K-pop boy group BTS and Tomorrow X Together has announced its new corporate name change to HYBE on Mar 19.

In a video presentation uploaded on Big Hit Labels, the company confirmed the change along with an introduction to its new corporate branding, goals and office building.

The confirmation comes more than a week after news of the change was first announced on Mar 10.

From Big Hit Entertainment to HYBE

HYBE symbolises connection, expansion and relationships.

In the presentation, chairman and chief executive Bang Si-Hyuk explained that the change was made to encompass the company’s expansion into various business realms.

A new mission statement – “We believe in music” – was also introduced to represent the company’s goal in creating music and entertainment that can touch the everyday lives of an individual.

Introduction of new company structure

HYBE will now operate under a new framework consisting of HYBE Labels, HYBE Solutions and HYBE Platforms.

Music labels including Big Hit Music – previously Big Hit Entertainment – Pledis Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, Source Music and more will be housed under HYBE Labels.


While fans were concerned about the possible dissolution of the popular Big Hit name, Mr Bang explained that HYBE is only a “bigger vessel for Big Hit to nestle in”. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM BIG HIT LABELS YOUTUBE


Artists under each label will maintain their independence and distinct identities while their creative activities will be supported by HYBE’s management system, explained headquarter chief executive Park Ji-won.

HYBE Solutions will consist of business units specialised in video content, intellectual property, games, education and more.

HYBE Platforms will house the Weverse Company, a core platform to connect all HYBE content and services.

New corporate identity and office space

In the presentation, chief brand officer Min Hee-Jin introduced the new corporate identity and office space of HYBE which will be located at Yongsan.

The new identity draws inspiration from musical notations and sheet music – a concept that resonates fondly to the company’s foundation in music.

The new HYBE office is inspired by a Hyper Nomad concept to create functional and flexible spaces, explained Ms Min and she brought viewers through an in-depth look behind the inspiration of the office’s interior.

Fan reaction to HYBE

K-pop fans were quick to react to the news of HYBE’s latest announcement and keywords including Big Hit and HYBE were among the top ten trends in Singapore.


Others also shared what they would miss most from the change which included familiar spaces of the old office where years of dance videos and live streams were often recorded. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@VMINGGUKX, TWITTER/@GGUKSILOG


After years of their favourite idols recording, practising and performing at the company’s old office space, fans took the moment to reminisce while many shared their joy over the company’s latest expansion and growth.

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