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Beware of these dengue clusters in your neighbourhood

COVID-19 may have our attention, but we need to stay vigilant of another rising threat in dengue too.

Anis Nabilah
Anis Nabilah

Published: 21 August 2020, 8:36 PM

In the past few months, we have been focusing our attention and energy towards curbing the COVID-19 outbreak.

While we’ve managed to improve the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, another virus threat could be looming in our backyard, or laying its eggs in our stagnant water.

According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), the number of dengue clusters in Singapore remains high with 396 active clusters reported as of Aug 17, 2020.

In total, there have been more than 25,000 cases of dengue this year alone, 20 of which have resulted in deaths.

This number of cases have surpassed Singapore’s previous highest of 22,170 in 2013.

Watch Keeping our homes dengue-free video here.

Currently, out of 396 active dengue clusters, 162 have a red alert level, which indicates a high-risk area with 10 or more dengue cases.


This map shows the distribution of dengue clusters in Singapore. IMAGE CREDIT: NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT AGENCY’S WEBSITE


The top five cluster areas with the highest number of cases are around:

Aljunied Road area with 352 cases
Bukit Panjang Road Ring Road area with 312 cases
Arthur Road area with 310 cases
Arnasalam Chetty Road area with 305 cases
Geylang Road area with 272 cases
Here are some blocks within these areas with a high number of cases:

Meyer Road (The Makena) with 47 cases
River Valley Road (Aspen Heights) with 44 cases
Senja Road (Blk 608) with 33 cases
Lorong 14 Geylang with 29 cases
Bukit Panjang Ring Road (Blk 545) with 28 cases
You can check out the full list of active dengue clusters and cases on NEA’s website here.

Besides keeping up with updates about the dengue cases and clusters, you can also help prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes by doing the Mozzie Wipeout at least once a week.

While we’re busy fighting COVID-19, let’s not forget to keep ourselves safe from the dengue outbreak as well.

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