How Singaporeans are hunting for the elusive BB Loh

It’s a sight familiar to many of us.

Matthaeus Choo
Matthaeus Choo

Published: 11 February 2021, 12:00 PM

There’s probably nothing Singaporeans love more than free money. 

Which is probably why digital wallet platform Google Pay has inexplicably infiltrated into our everyday conversations – talk about great marketing.

About two months ago, Google Pay had us sending $10 back and forth between our friends for cashback scratch cards. Now, right after getting over the initial confusion that Huat Pals doesn’t refer to our friends, the digital wallet has us collecting virtual stickers. 

The rules seem simple enough. Follow the instructions, collect five of the unique stickers, and stand a chance to get up to $88.88. 

Initially, it might have felt like an easy way to get a month’s worth of transport fees. The stickers Lenny, RaRa, Ah Huat, Neo came easy. However, one sticker continues to elude almost everyone: BB Loh.

Don’t let its cuddly face fool you. BB Loh has been a source of annoyance amongst many youths for the past two weeks. We know the Lo Hei is out there; we’ve all seen friends share their Google Pay Ang Baos. Yet, it still feels like it may be easier to catch actual Pokemons than to catch a glimpse of BB Loh on our screens. 

Much like every other meme or marketing campaign, we will probably forget about all of this by the end of the month. But let’s enjoy this moment with these memes and peculiar ways Singaporeans have responded to the hunt for BB Loh.

1. The creation of a Facebook group and the flooding of comments on related posts

Facebook groups have been created for members to maximise their chances of getting a BB Loh. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK


It is often only during crises when people start banding together to assist and to find solace amongst each other. The seemingly fruitless search for BB Loh is no different. Singaporeans’ resilience and resourcefulness have led to the creation of a Facebook group dedicated to the hunt, where members have gathered together to maximise their chances (complete with cheeky requests for BB Loh).

Similarly, posts covering the Huat Pals phenomenon have also been capitalised by Singaporeans leaving their referrals as comments. Perhaps it is inevitable that this article will be no different once shared on Facebook. Which makes this the perfect opportunity to remind everyone to not click on stray URL links on the Internet lest they are phishing scams.

1) Memes galore

All I want is just a BB Loh 🥺 Community submission by Joshua @joshualimkopi #mndsg #sgmemes

Posted by Memes n Dreams on Sunday, February 7, 2021

While the annoying search for BB Loh continues, all of our resentment has been directed at the 20th or even the 100th duplicate of Lenny. Even after evolving to the slightly taller Lenn-er has not satisfied anyone. It’s not the lantern’s fault trying its best to light up our lives.

gxfc hkc #kmfst #sgmemes Patrons: Ilyas Sholihyn, Shaggy Shag, Nicholas Wong, Zane Lai, Pawlo Pascual.

Posted by Kiasu Memes For Singaporean Teens on Monday, February 8, 2021

2) Selling, trading, buying and giving away Huat Pals on Carousell


There are Carousell listings where you can sell or trade your Huat Pals. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM CAROUSELL


Enterprising Singaporeans have taken to Carousell to find their way towards their Google Pay Ang Pows. Prices for BB Loh have gone up to as much as $50 on the marketplace, while one Carouseller is looking to broker a 75/25 split in return for the Ang Pow value. Someone is even looking to trade their 500 Lenny for 1 BB Loh

No matter where the search for BB Loh takes us, here is hoping that it will lead us all to a wonderful (and safe-distanced) Chinese New Year.

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