Battle of the temporary hair dyes

We put MISSHA, Aprilskin and Sparks to the test. How did they fare?


Published: 19 August 2017, 10:35 PM

It’s time we get in on the latest unicorn hair colour trend.

If you were just trying it out for fun, you don’t want to break the bank OR risk having a bad decision that will haunt you for years.

The solution: temporary hair dyes! We experimented with some crazy hair colours. Best part? With prices ranging from $8.50 to $19.90, they’re all wallet-friendly.

Sounds too good to be true? Read on!

Note: The dyes did not come with bleach and we only used what was provided in the package.  

1. MISSHA 7 Days Colouring Hair Treatment

Promises to last for: Seven days

Jordan Chia, 20, Student

I tried “Cherry Red”, and was hoping for the colour to be very bright and nice.

Before I have natural black hair and have never dyed my hair.

This is great for first-timers who have not tried self-dyeing before; the dye went onto my hair easily, and only a small amount was needed. I managed to cover all my hair in about 15 minutes!

One pack was more than sufficient for me, and the packaging also helps in the ease of squeezing out the dye.

After: Where’s the cherry red???

The results weren’t what I expected; the red wasn’t very obvious unless it was under the sun and it fades each time I showered. But surprisingly, my hair became soft and smooth!

The red tinge managed to stay for over a week!

As I had virgin hair, maybe it was more difficult for the colour to be absorbed.

Overall rating: 3/5

2. Sparks Long-lasting Bright Hair Colour

Promises to last for: Verrrry long (it’s semi-permanent)

Lau Ai Xuan, 22, Content producer

I was quite excited to try out “Purple Passion” because this was a colour I wanted for the longest time ever!

Before: I have medium length black hair, with some brown from a previous dye job.

I had to dye my hair twice, because the first time I mixed the dye with conditioner (as per some YouTube tutorials), and that affected the results – my hair did not change colour. Thankfully, I only dyed my ends so one tube was more than enough!

So the second try, I followed the instructions on the box strictly, which was to apply dye directly on clean and dry hair.

Immediately after: The colour showed up quite well!

It didn’t turn out as vibrant as it was supposed to (#darkhairproblems), but I do like how understated the colour is – it’s also highly visible under the sun! I did end up with frizzier hair though.

A week later, the colour is still going strong.

Also, the purple dye bleeds A LOT. My shirt collar and bag straps were stained purple, and even my fingers and nails came away purple whenever I touched my hair. This lasted for about four days.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

3. Aprilskin Turn-up Colour Treatment

Promises to last for: 2 weeks

Janice Chua, 22, Student

I tried the “Green Blue” (cyan) shade, hoping to see a big change in my hair! After all, the colour is only supposed to last for a short while, so I didn’t mind trying a striking colour.

Before: I had short black hair with brown ends.

Compared to normal hair dyes, the Aprilskin dye was not runny, so it was difficult to apply it evenly on my hair. I used the entire tube in hopes of getting a vibrant colour. Thankfully, the dye smelt nice and left my hair feeling really smooth!

After: My hair ends were tinted green, but the rest of the head remain otherwise unchanged.

I was expecting a dark green or blue colour on my whole head, but all I got was a tinge of green on the ends of my hair, so I was a bit disappointed. In less than a week, there was no more evidence that I had dyed my hair.

Overall rating: 2/5

Even though our hair colour didn’t change drastically, we think the temporary hair dye trend is still worth a shot! It’s fun to do with friends, and also a great way to change up your style. Since we all had dark hair, the colour payoff was not too obvious, so we recommend you to start by bleaching your hair. It will definitely help!

Want to try out the dyes? You’re in luck. We have a special offer only for Youth.SG readers! Use the promo code above when you sign up with Shopee to enjoy $7 off your total bill. Terms and conditions apply. Time to shop!


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