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Bandai is releasing new Tamagotchi with built-in camera to take photos with your pet

The Tamagotchi Pix will feature a full-colour screen and will come in four different colours.

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Published: 22 April 2021, 2:04 PM

For all the nostalgia-loving 90s kids out there, here’s something exciting you can look forward to as the iconic Tamagotchi is back – this time with a built-in camera to let you take pictures with your virtual pet.

Bandai, the Japanese toy company that invented the Tamagotchi back in 1996, has introduced Tamagotchi Pix, a new version of the popular 90s toy that will officially be on sale in July.

Tamagotchi is a virtual pet game where players take care of their pets throughout their different stages of life – from hatching into a baby to feeding and playing with their pet as they grow.

Compared with the old toy model, the Tamagotchi Pix looks the same as it remains as an egg-shaped device with three buttons. The new model will include touch-based buttons where users can interact with their Tamagotchi pet.

As the Tamagotchi Pix features a built-in camera, the top part of the toy’s “broken shell” works as a shutter button for taking pictures. Users can style them with cute photo frames available on the device. 

Photos taken on the device are stored locally and will appear on users’ feed to document the time spent with their pet. Although the Tamagotchi Pix has limited photo-sharing capabilities and cannot be connected to WiFi, users can still exchange photos with their friends using a Tama Code – a type of QR code.


The top shell of the egg-shaped Tamagotchi Pix works as a shutter button for taking photos. PHOTO CREDIT: BANDAI


Besides the camera features, the Tamagotchi Pix has a full-colour screen instead of the old pixelated black and white screen. It also comes in four different coloured shells: floral (pink), sky (purple), ocean (blue) and nature (green). 

Priced at around $70, the pink and purple Tamagotchi Pix are now available for pre-order while the blue and green ones will only be made available at a later date.

The toy’s new features also allow users to cook for their Tamagotchi pet, have food delivered and explore the world to meet other Tamagotchi friends.

There are 17 new games in the Tamagotchi Pix where users can earn Gotchi points to keep their pet happy.

Fans can pre-order their Tamagotchi Pix online on Amazon or check out Tamagotchi’s official website for more information. 

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