Crowds were spotted this weekend flouting safe distancing measures.


Ban on takeaway alcohol along Robertson Quay

Ban on takeaway alcohol along Robertson Quay

We are two weeks away from Jun 1, the much-anticipated end date of the circuit breaker. However, there are some who seemed to have forgotten about that completely.

Over the weekend, groups of people were spotted congregating along Robertson Quay.

Not only were they gathering around in large numbers and flouting safe distancing measures, some were also spotted without masks on.


According to Facebook user Lectress Pat, the crowds were seen on Saturday, May 16, at around 6.25pm.


As the crowds were attributed to people gathering around restaurants selling takeaway alcohol, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) issued a written direction for these outlets to stop selling takeaway alcohol on May 17.

People who flout safe distancing measures will be fined $300 on their first offence. Repeat offenders will be fined $1,000, or prosecution in court.

Even after the circuit breaker is over, don’t expect to be hanging out in public immediately, as entertainment venues that gather crowds still pose greater risks for virus transmission and will likely take a longer time to reopen.

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