Aviation workers stand in solidarity with global #UnitedByWings hashtag

Singapore Airlines staff were amongst many that posted fond memories of their jobs in the sky.

Aliyah Khan
Aliyah Khan

Published: 6 May 2020, 6:44 PM

With strict travel bans enforced globally, the aviation industry proves to be one of the biggest casualties of COVID-19.

The majority of aviation workers, predominantly pilots and cabin crew, have been on temporary leave from work since March as airlines continually cancel thousands of flights due to poor demand.

Amidst the industry crisis, the #UnitedByWings hashtag was created to bring aviation workers around the world together to support and uplift one another during these uncertain times.

Many shared fond memories of their work on social media and offered positive and hopeful words as a form of encouragement to fellow aviation staff.


Flight attendants in Germany deliver an encouraging message to aviation workers. PHOTO CREDITS: SCREENSHOT FROM INSTAGRAM


Likewise, many Singapore Airlines (SIA) staff also shared their memorable work-related photos online to encourage and boost the morale of their colleagues.


Both current and former aviation workers are encouraged to take part in the #UnitedByWings photo challenge. PHOTO CREDITS: SCREENSHOT FROM INSTAGRAM


An SIA stewardess posing with her young daughter, encouraging her followers to stay safe. PHOTO CREDITS: SCREENSHOT FROM INSTAGRAM


With international air travel grinding to a halt and a non-existing domestic market, it seems Singapore’s aviation industry will continue to suffer immense losses this season.

On Mar 23, SIA announced it would be slashing 96 per cent of its capacity and ground 138 out of 147 of its planes.

Additionally, Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 has suspended all operations starting May 1 for a period of 18 months.

This means the livelihood of thousands of airline staff will be directly impacted as there is less demand for work.


The usually bustling Changi Airport appears eerily empty with the circuit breaker measures and travel bans in place. PHOTO CREDITS: MUHD IDRIS


These unfavourable circumstances, however, didn’t hold back many from extending their exemplary service on the ground, where it is most needed.

In fact, around 800 SIA cabin crew have been applying their professional skills in the community by taking up roles as care ambassadors in hospitals and transport ambassadors at public transport hubs.

Despite the bleak outlook on Singapore’s aviation sector currently, it is heartening to witness aviation staff go beyond the parameter of their jobs on air to serve the community.

To our local aviation workers — trust that bad times don’t last forever. We’re certain Singapore’s aviation sector will bounce back stronger, and we’re looking forward to flying with you again once it’s safe for all of us!

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