Australia’s Got Talent star magician Cosentino to perform at Marina Bay Sands from Aug 24 to Sep 3

The magician‘s live touring shows have won multiple Merlin Awards - the highest accolade in the magic industry.

Maisy Phua

The magician‘s live touring shows have won multiple Merlin Awards – the highest accolade in the magic industry.

Published: 19 May 2023, 5:51 PM

Globally acclaimed magician Cosentino will return to Singapore with a new production at the Sands Theatre from Aug 24 to Sep 3.

Presented in Singapore by Base Entertainment Asia, Cosentino: Decennium – The Greatest Live Magic Show features a variety of death-defying escapes, mind-boggling stage illusions and Cosentino’s trademark blend of dance and magic with a touch of comedy.


This show follows the artist’s last successful season of Cosentino: Anything is Possible in Singapore in 2017. PHOTO CREDIT: BASE ENTERTAINMENT ASIA


The show will feature three of the artist’s original presentations – FLAMING JAWS, STABBED and STRANGER THINGS.

In FLAMING JAWS, Cosentino has just 90 seconds to successfully escape from a straightjacket upside-down, release himself from a burning rope and drop to the ground before he is crushed by sharp-toothed jaws.


Cosentino is the first magician in the world to successfully perform the FLAMING JAWS demonstration onstage. PHOTO CREDIT: BASE ENTERTAINMENT ASIA


In STABBED, 18 sharp kitchen knives connected and controlled by a sand timer will dangle above Cosentino’s head. Two padlocks and 350 identical keys will be introduced, with only two of the keys being able to actually open the locks.

A volunteer will be called to take note of the correct keys. They will then be tasked to drop said keys into a tray with the others and mix them up.

Cosentino will have 90 seconds to escape the trap by sifting through all the keys to find the correct one before time runs out.

In STRANGER THINGS, Cosentino will attempt to challenge the laws of physics by slowly travelling through a solid steel plate.


Cosentino was the runner up on Australia’s Got Talent season 5, the winner of Dancing With The Stars Australia season 13 and starred in the hit Jackie Chan film ‘Bleeding Steel’. PHOTO CREDIT: JAMES GEER


The Australian magician has written, produced, and starred in nine successful prime-time specials, which have now been broadcast in over 40 countries and seen by over 750 million people.

His live touring shows have won multiple Merlin Awards, the highest accolades in the magic industry. Cosentino has also been awarded both the International Magician of the Year and the International Escape Artist of the Year.

Cosentino: Decennium – The Greatest Live Magic Show will be held at 8pm on Thursdays to Fridays, 2pm and 8pm on Saturdays and 12pm and 6pm on Sundays. The entire performance duration is 75 minutes with a 20 minute intermission. 

Tickets are now available, with prices ranging between $58 to $168, excluding booking fees.

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