Australia opening borders to fully vaccinated travellers from Feb 21

Travellers will need to hold a visa and meet Australia’s definition of “fully vaccinated”.

Nicki Chan

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Published: 8 February 2022, 12:53 PM

Australia is opening its borders to fully vaccinated visa holders from Feb 21 onwards. 

This is due to the COVID-19 situation in the country improving, with lower death and infection rates and a 23 per cent decline in hospitalisations. 

Tourists, business travellers and other international visitors will all be able to travel to Australia, as long as they have a visa and are fully vaccinated under Australia’s requirements. 

Travellers with proof that they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and children under 12 can still access the same travel arrangements as fully vaccinated travellers.

However, if a child travels with unvaccinated adults, the entire group will be subjected to mandatory quarantine and passenger caps. 

In order to be considered fully vaccinated, one would need to have completed a course of vaccines recognised by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. At least seven days must have passed since the final dose. Mixed doses of approved vaccines count as well. 

Visa holders who are not fully vaccinated will require a valid travel exemption to enter Australia, where they will be subject to state and territory quarantine requirements.

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