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Asia’s first snow, surf, skate attraction TRIFECTA opening at Somerset on Oct 28

The sports-themed attraction will offer a space for experienced skiers, snowboarders, and surfers to train during off seasons.

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Published: 28 August 2023, 2:07 PM

Asia’s first snow, surf, and skate attraction, TRIFECTA by The Ride Side, will open its doors on Oct 28.

The development located next to Somerset Skate Park aims to enhance accessibility to snowboarding, skiing and surfing with specialised programmes and events for beginners and children.

It will also offer a space for experienced skiers, snowboarders, and surfers to engage in community activities and training during off seasons.

The snow arena features simulator machines for snowboarding, where it is driven by the first virtual reality ski simulator in Asia. There will also be a designated “freestyle” area equipped with airbags and dry slopes enabling guests to practise snowboard tricks such as jumps and backflips within a secure environment.

Each simulator can host six people per one-hour session.

The surf arena will incorporate Citywave, a deep water wave pool technology, enabling an uninterrupted surfing experience. It will also be Asia’s largest standing wave pool at 10m wide, generating 1.5m high waves.


The surf arena will be approximately the size of an Olympic swimming pool.


Visitors can also experience the world’s first hybrid skate bowl designed for skateboarding and surf skating for free. Lessons will be available through bookings with TRIFECTA.

The sports-themed attraction will also feature Butter, a collaborative kitchen by Two Men Bagel House and TRIFECTA. Butter’s offerings encompass all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, including Two Men’s renowned bagels, assorted baked goods like croissants and family-friendly pancakes.


Butter will also offer beers, coffees and desserts. PHOTO CREDIT: TRIFECTA


At the 70-seater establishment, diners can anticipate exclusive menu items or opt for take-out options. They can also enjoy their meals while being spectators to the activities in the surf and snow arenas.

TRIFECTA will boast The Ride Side’s flagship retail store, bringing together more than 50 brands from four lifestyle and board sports categories: surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding.

Visitors can access a collection of demo-boards in the arenas, alongside a boot fitting and customisation station specifically for ski and snowboard boots.

TRIFECTA will operate from 7am to 12am daily.

Early bird packages are available till Sep 4, with up to 10 per cent off passes and credit packages. General sales will commence from Sep 5, where visitors will also be able to purchase off-peak single passes and open sessions.

Single Class passes for 60-minute sessions cost $54 for skate, $90 for snow/ski and $108 for surf.

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