App launched to encourage persons with disabilities to participate in para sports

Called SDSC LIFE, it is the first mobile application in Singapore to encourage persons with disabilities (PWDs) to participate in para sports.

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Published: 9 July 2021, 1:45 PM

The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) has launched an app to match Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to sports programmes and events based on their interests and disabilities.

Called SDSC LIFE – the LIFE stands for Lifelong Independence, Friendships and Empowerment – it is a members management platform and a lifestyle app.

By entering a simple profile of their disability and sport interests, PWDs will be matched to information on suitable and attractive sport programmes, events and stories.

Registered users will be able to gain access to the SDSC LIFE Telegram Channel to interact with other members of the community and SDSC’s existing athletes will gain access to additional modules within SDSC LIFE, such as a training tab, which shows athletes their upcoming training sessions and competitions, as well as an analysis of past results and performances.

The app also allows the public to contribute to para sports by registering for para sports events as volunteers.

There are 20 para sports currently listed on the app. PHOTO CREDIT: SINGAPORE DISABILITY SPORTS COUNCIL

SDSC also introduced a way for users to earn points for completing actions in SDSC LIFE, which can be redeemed for attractive prizes.

Future enhancements to the app include providing listings of para-friendly locations, such as swimming pools and gyms.

Additionally, SDSC is also working with disability organisations and social service agencies to on-board their clients and beneficiaries who may be interested in para sports.

SDSC is also seeking corporate partnerships and donors to come on board as mobile app partners and fund the next-phase development of the app.

To date, there have been more than 450 downloads of SDSC LIFE, with SDSC targeting more than 2,000 downloads by January 2022 and more than 5,000 downloads by January 2023.

SDSC LIFE can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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