An outdoor silent movie screening will be held on Mar 31 by the seaside

Cinewav movie screening is back in business after months of postponement at Keppel Bay on Mar 31.

Kassandra Kasman

Waiting for a Winnie-the-Pooh and Vampire Diaries crossover.

Published: 25 March 2022, 5:42 PM

Cinewav, an outdoor silent movie screening company, is holding an outdoor screening by the seaside at Marina Keppel Bay on Mar 31. 

There will be two films as part of their relaunch. Jimami Tofu The Movie, a love story revolving around a Chinese Singaporean chef and a Japanese food critic, will be screened on Mar 31, while Hidden Figures, a story following three African-American woman who breaks social construct made by society due to the colour of skin and gender will be screened on Apr 1.

Both screenings are priced at $35 per ticket. The screenings are open only for fully vaccinated individuals

The screenings will be the first Cinewav held at Marina Keppel Bay since Jan 21. It was supposed to be held in early February, but the surge in COVID-19 cases then forced the company to postpone the screenings. 

In the past, Cinewav has held private screenings at Jurong Lake Garden, Bedok Stadium and Queenstown.

Cinewav is an outdoor movie screening that allows people to listen to the movie through their headphones. They offer a variety of movie genres ranging from classic to modern ones. Instead of blasting sounds through the big speakers, Cinewav makes use of their innovative audio system that replaces these speakers.

Visitors will simply need to download the Cinewav app and bring along their own earphones so they can listen to the movie’s audio through their smartphones, creating what it is known for — a silent movie screening. The app will only use 2MB of data to keep the audio and movie in sync. 

Tickets can be booked through the Cinewav app.

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