All live performances to resume with relaxed restrictions from Mar 29

Up to 1,000 audience members will be allowed into indoor and outdoor venues, and a higher number depending on the venue’s capacity.

Caleb Lau

Grew up a musician, found a calling in photography and writing. Still in love with all of them.

Published: 30 March 2022, 1:40 PM

As several COVID-19 measures have eased, the live performing scene in Singapore is also taking a step closer to pre-pandemic conditions.

In a statement on Tuesday (Mar 29), the National Arts Council (NAC) announced that live performances will be allowed to resume at all indoor and outdoor venues. 

Venues can now accommodate up to 1,000 audience members, while places seeking to welcome a higher number can do so as long as kept within 75 per cent of the venue’s capacity. 

As for outdoor live performances, the total audience capacity will need to account for the 1m safe distancing between groups. 

The change in measures also includes the removal of restrictions on the number of performers and crew on-site, and all performers are allowed to unmask for live performances and digital productions.


Previously, performers who required intentional expulsion of air, such as singers and wind instrument players, had to conduct antigen rapid tests before performing live. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/CALEB LAU


However, other safe-management measures for mask-off activities like the 1m safe distancing and maximum group size must be adhered to, said NAC.

Other changes it announced include the removal of class size limits for mask-on arts classes and classes with vaccination-differentiated safe management measures implemented. Similar to the opening up of performance venues, museums and heritage institutions can now admit up to 1,000 visitors or more depending on the venue’s capacity.

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