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ActionCity opens premium gallery BLAXK to celebrate its 21st anniversary

The new space will serve as a melting pot for those who share a common interest in pop art collectibles.

Brandon Leong

Compulsive playlist maker.

Published: 30 September 2021, 2:21 PM

Local collectible and toy retail brand ActionCity is celebrating its 21st birthday with the opening of its exclusive premium gallery, BLAXK. 

Located at Funan, BLAXK is positioned to be the definitive pop art collectible gallery in Singapore and the region. It will serve as an art exhibition, showcasing an array of collections from art toys and prints to snazzy apparels.

Some highlights of the gallery include the limited edition 21st Anniversary ActionCity pewter glazed BE@RBRICK designed by Steve Harrington. It will also feature several iconic works from Steven Harrington’s personal collection as part of the debut showcase, including art prints, figures and apparel, including the eponymous artist’s six feet by five feet original painting titled Head In The Clouds, which first debuted at the MIMA Museum of Art in Brussels. 

The 21st Anniversary ActionCity BE@RBRICK retails for $2,800 and is a distinct highlight of the gallery. 

BLAXK will also showcase an exciting range of exquisitely picked 1000% BE@RBRICKs, with each piece valued in the range of at least five-figure sum. 

Other highlights include ActionCity’s brand exclusives along with the popular series by Japanese designer Chiaki Fujimoto’s My First Baby


BLAXK aims to become an epicentre for both Singapore and the region’s pop art toy community, bringing pop culture enthusiasts and collectors for art and toys together. PHOTO CREDIT: ACTIONCITY



The gallery will also have a lounge area for visitors and collectors to relax over the artisanal coffee and tea selections, such as hand selected Kenyan ground coffee and the Guangdong originated Man Lou Xiang Dan Cong Oolong tea. 

The space will also host events and live streaming sessions for artists and collectors, and even physical fan-meets for pop culture enthusiasts and art and toy connoisseurs. 


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