A McNugget in the shape of ‘Among Us’ crewmate sold online for almost US$100,000

The Among Us-shaped McNugget from a BTS meal garnered almost 184 bids from 45 bidders in less than a week.

Effie Tan

In love with skies and spicy food.

Published: 7 June 2021, 3:08 PM

After the exclusive BTS McDonald’s meal was launched around the world, many rushed to purchase the meal with some selling the food packaging and sauces online for extremely high prices. 

This time, a McNugget from the BTS meal that resembles a character from the murder-mystery game Among Us was recently sold on eBay for almost US$100,000. 

eBay seller Pozlina listed the Among Us-shaped McNugget online after purchasing the BTS McDonald’s combo meal one day.

Initially listed for US$0.99 (S$1.31), the listing received almost 184 bids from 45 bidders within hours. The auction started on May 28 and ended on Jun 3, with the piece of McNugget sold for a whopping USD$99,997 (S$132,412). 

The uniquely shaped nugget will be frozen and air-sealed to ensure freshness before it is shipped to the buyer via United States Postal Service first class shipping. The buyer is currently unknown. 

Surprisingly, the Among Us McNugget frenzy had also caught the attention of the official Among Us Twitter account.


Pozlina also agreed to include packets of the famous Szechuan sauce upon Xbox’s suggestion on Twitter. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@AMONGUSGAME


While you may or may not find an Among Us-shaped McNugget, Singaporean ARMYs can try their luck when the BTS Meal arrives in Singapore on Jun 21.

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