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A farewell letter to Yellowcard

The hurt is definitely not gone.

Anna Fernandez

Published: 31 October 2016, 12:00 AM

June 25, 2016.

That was the day Yellowcard officially announced that they would be disbanding.

Four months have passed, but it seems like it was only yesterday frontman Ryan Key took to the turntables at Look Ma No Hand’s annual EMONIGHTSG.

Before the beloved quartet takes their final bow and leaves us all eternally heartbroken as we clutch dearly to our Yellowcard albums, they would be heading out on their last world tour, in support of their final release, simply titled Yellowcard.


Yellowcard’s 10th self-titled studio album.
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After a career spanning 20 years, it only seems apt to pay tribute to the pop-punk giants, who will be returning to Singapore for the third and last time on Feb 12 next year for The Final World Tour.

I’ll go first:

Dear Yellowcard,

Thank you for the honesty and relentless anthems which made me who I am today.

Thank you for giving all of us the hope we so badly needed. Thank you for sticking to your guns and never releasing the same album twice. It was such an adventure listening to every rollercoaster ride of a song that you put out, and getting engrossed in the nuances in each.

Thank you for Ocean Avenue. I love all your albums and I will take them all to my grave, but that one will always be my favourite.

And lest we forget, thank you for the one song we can all relate to – ‘Believe’.

Finally, as much as the ‘Rest in Peace’ music video hurts, thank you for choosing to celebrate your fan base, because I speak for all of us when I say it means the world.

Here’s wishing you all the best in whatever you do next. See you soon.


Thanks for everything, Yellowcard.


Here are some parting words from local musicians who credit Yellowcard as one of the biggest inspirations in their musical endeavours.


Pop-punk act The Summer State opened for Yellowcard in 2012.
Photo credit: Gabriel Lean


Pop-punk quintet Sign Of Five opened for Yellowcard in 2014.
Photo credit: Soyunana


JJ Ong of Pop-rock outfit, Falling Feathers.
Photo credit: Ong Hao Xu


As they exit stage left at their final show in Singapore next February, I’m sure we will all be clinging onto these comforting last words:

“I won’t be with you but I won’t be far away.”

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