7 things youths can get at Japanese furniture and home retail store Nitori

Some products to consider include a complete gaming setup for under $1,000 and customisable recliners sofas with tables.

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Published: 31 March 2022, 4:10 PM

If you’re looking to move out and unsure of how to fill up your home, this new store in town might spark some ideas.

Japan’s largest furniture and home retail store Nitori officially opened its doors to the public on Thursday (Mar 31).

Also known as the IKEA of Japan, Nitori occupies the fourth floor of COURTS Nojima at The Heeren at Orchard, spanning across 30,000 square feet.

This is its second store in Southeast Asia, the first in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As part of its expansion plans to “enrich homes around the world”, it expects to open up at least 10 stores in Singapore within the next five years.

Out of the wide array of products available at Nitori, here are seven things it offers for your humble abode!

1. A multi-purpose kettle pot

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, for the IH Kettle Pot is much more useful than it appears. As its name suggests, not only can the product be used as a kettle to boil water for drinking, it can also be used as a pot to cook liquid-based foods, such as a hot bowl of ramen for your late night cravings. 

This is especially useful to those living by themselves and would like to keep their belongings to a minimum. The kettle pot serves more purposes than one, making kitchen cleanup more convenient and neater for homeowners.


Taking one-pot meals to the next level. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/CHARLOTTE CHANG


The kettle pot is available in two sizes. The smaller model ($28.90) can fit up with 1.9L of water and the larger one ($34.90) up to 2.4L.

2. A complete gaming set-up

Nitori might not be the biggest brand in the gaming industry, but with a complete gaming setup for under $1,000, it’s certainly a steal.

One of Nitori’s unique search engine features on its website is its Themes feature. By simply searching for specific themes, such as Vintage, Natural, Simple or Feminine, homeowners will be able to look for products specific to those themes. In this case, a quick search of gaming products on its website would bring you to the standard gamer essentials: an ergonomic chair to game comfortably, a shelf to hold your collectible toys and figurines, a desk and a monitor stand for your desktop itself.


The height of the chair and the shelf can be adjusted to your liking. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/CHARLOTTE CHANG


The chair costs $279, the desk $199, the shelf $199, and the monitor stand $33.90.

3. Cooling sheet toppers for a good night’s rest

Nitori’s N-Cool series is by no doubt what Nitori is most known for.

Making use of Nitori’s advanced N-Cool technology, the products under the N-cool series can lower one’s body temperature by up to three degrees Celsius, depending on its level. The higher the level of a product, the more it can reduce the temperature of the user.


The N-Cool products are available in three levels, Level 1 to Level 3. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/CHARLOTTE CHANG


The prices of the items increase with each level, with the cost of the sheet toppers beginning from $39.90 and the comforters from $54.90 at Level 1.

4. A rotatable dining chair

Japan is big on noise reduction, and this swivel dining chair brings just that to Singapore.

Its quirky design aside, the convenience of the Swivel type Dining Chair lies in being able to turn the chair by a full 360 degrees without its legs moving, hence not risking any scraping of the chair on the floor and potentially disturbing your neighbours downstairs.


Now you can turn to each of your family members around the dining table more easily as well. GIF CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/CHARLOTTE CHANG


The Swivel type Dining Chair costs $160.

5. A recliner sofa with drink holders

If you’re not in the mood for a movie night at the cinema, now you can bring the luxury of a Gold Class theatre to the comfort of your home.

The N-Believa Recliner sofa is not only multi-functional, but also comes in four sizes, the largest seating up to four people and the smallest one. All the sofas come with a USB charger switch, but only those that seat three people and above come with the drink holder table.


The drink holder table can be pushed back up to seat an additional person. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/CHARLOTTE CHANG


The cost of the N-Believa Recliner begins from $699 for the one-seater to $2,599 for the four-seater with the table.

Customers can also customise the colour and material of their recliner from the available options in store.

6. Custom-made curtains

Similar to the recliners, you will be able to customise your curtains to adjust your home to Singapore’s weather accordingly using Nitori’s technology.

Some curtains will have a UV Cut scale, which refers to the opacity of a curtain depending on the amount of UV rays shining through it. The higher the percentage of the scale, the more opaque the curtain will be.


Customers can have the option of adjusting this scale as they please, as well as add other features to their custom curtains, such as a layer of linen or even more pleated folds. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/CHARLOTTE CHANG


Alternatively, there are ready-made curtains as well to save you the hassle of designing your own curtains.

7. A coffee table that doubles as your WFH set-up

If your WFH essentials consist of just your laptop and your morning coffee and you don’t feel like investing in a whole setup, this coffee table makes things a lot easier for you.

The N-Hibari Centertable is not just your average living room coffee table. There is an elevated platform which can be raised and adjusted to your desired height as you attend your Zoom meetings from your couch. As the inside of the table is hollow, there is also a drawer and a storage space under the platform for you to store your belongings.


You can flex your neat coffee table to your peers going back to the office. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/CHARLOTTE CHANG


The N-Hibari Centertable costs $649. 

In celebration of Nitori’s opening, customers will be able to receive a free shopping bag for all purchases above $70, as well as enjoy free furniture delivery worth $40 with purchases $599 and above.

Shoppers who purchase an N-sleep Bed matless will also receive a free N-sleep Pillow Pad.

The full range of Nitori’s products can be found here.

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