7 stalls to try at Sentosa GrillFest 2022

There are more than 30 F&B establishments at the Siloso Beach event.

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Published: 25 October 2022, 6:55 PM

Sentosa GrillFest has returned to Siloso Beach with a wide selection of grilled delights. With over 200 food and beverage items to indulge in, this year’s event is set to be the largest edition yet.

Part of the 10-week-long Sentosa Food Fest, Sentosa GrillFest runs every Friday and Sunday from Oct 21 to Nov 13. 

Here are seven of the food stalls available, from local delights to decadent meats.

1. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa (Stall 1)

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa is sending Chef Nelson down to cook his signature tender beef cheek rendang for the guests at Sentosa GrillFest.


Chef Nelson currently works at Kwee Zeen Restaurant in Sentosa. PHOTO CREDIT: SOFITEL SINGAPORE SENTOSA RESORT & SPA


His beef cheek rendang has a special twist, containing flavours of coconut, blue ginger and lemongrass. 

2. Brewerkz (Stall 4)

Brewerkz is cooking up modern European, classic American and Asian dishes at Sentosa GrillFest 2022.


The Sentosa Jubilee Edition Islander Brew is a Lychee Pale Ale which combines beer with the flavour of lychee. PHOTO CREDIT: SENTOSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION


The limited edition Sentosa Jubilee Edition Islander Brew by Sentosa and Brewerkz is also available at the stall.

3. Big O (Stall 6)

Big O features a unique seafood dish: Laksa Seafood Pasta In A Bag. Topped with prawns and clams, it is cooked in a bag to seal in the flavour of the ingredients.


The dish is cooked in a bag and served outside of it. PHOTO CREDIT: SENTOSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION


The stall also serves their all-time favourite Coconut Chendol Ice Cream, a must-try for dessert lovers.

4. Co+Nut+Ink (Stall 17)

Co + Nut + Ink is a dessert stall that serves coconut ice cream topped with premium nuts and fruits of your choice.


The ice cream comes served in bowls made of coconut shells. PHOTO CREDIT: SENTOSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION


The cool ice cream makes for a refreshing dessert after enjoying the range of grilled dishes.

5. Woodfire Feast (Stall 26)

Mount Faber Leisure Group is using its special Churrasco Rotisserie Grill to serve up grilled and barbecued meat and seafood. The method of cooking gives the meat an extra smoky flavour.


The Woodfire Grilled Lamb Leg (left) and Woodfire Spring Chicken (right) are two of the items available. PHOTO CREDIT: SENTOSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION

6. Hawker’s Traditions (Stall 27)

The chefs of Mount Faber Leisure Group are also cooking dishes using traditional charcoal cooking.


This stall also serves wok-fried Hokkien mee topped with prawns, squid, and sambal chilli. PHOTO CREDIT: SENTOSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION


They will be offering the Lobster Hokkien Mee and Salt Baked Mud Crab with Spices, made to order and served fresh off the wok.

7. Slurp Your Oysters

If you fancy grilled oysters, Slurp Your Oysters has two flavours you could try. 

The first is Spicy Chorizo Butter with Scallion, a combination of charred chorizo mixed with butter, topped with scallions to bind the flavours together.

The second, Cheesy Lemon Garlic Butter, is a classic in any grilled oyster event, consisting of roasted garlic, lemon juice and butter with cheese on top.


Slurp Your Oysters brings in their oysters from Japan. PHOTO CREDIT: SENTOSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION

Sentosa GrillFest 2022 is free to enter, but food is payable separately. It is open every Friday to Sunday between Oct 21 and Nov 13, from 5pm to 9pm.

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